Year 4 Students at GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis Celebrate the World Music Day

Dubai, UAE – 22 June 2021: World Music Day encourages people to enjoy music in different ways. At GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis, every Year 4 student has been part of a live mixing session led by industry artists DJ Blaise and Adam Long, learning how to use DJ equipment and innovating music classes by keeping in step with the sounds of the current generation.

Darren Keane, Music & Sound Technology Programme Manager at GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis,  said “This is an amazing opportunity to provide our students with. It has been a tough year for live performances and it has been amazing to see our students creating and enjoying music again. The study of music is moving with the times and live mixing is thriving. Here at WSO, we have the potential to produce the next generation of DJ superstars, as big as David Guetta. It has been amazing working with the Original Mix DJ team and we’re excited to see how this will grow.”