Saudi German Hospital sprouts new hope and aspirations in the hearts of its valuable patients. Their aim is to protect and save the lives of those who are in need of medical care. However, intending to transform the lives of people, Saudi German Hospital being fully prepared and equipped has performed its first Robotic Left Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery with the support of CMR Versius Surgical Robotic System.

Versius is a preferred assisted surgical robotic system for nurturing the growing opportunities for minimal access surgery (MAS) making surgical procedures stress- free for surgeons, thus ensuring safe and error-free surgical execution of the patients. 

A robotic-assisted inguinal hernia repair is an ideal solution for patients who have a hernia. The General Laparoscopic Surgeon at Saudi German Hospital along with the well trained medical surgical team performed the inguinal hernia repair surgery assisted by the Versius Robotic Surgical System. The Versius Robot consisted of 3 arms, a camera that aided the angular manoeuvre around the organs and since the robotic instruments are flexible and wristed, dissection in the ceiling of the anterior abdominal was done with ease. The new aged minimally invasive technique in surgery was done very confidently and successfully. Furthermore, the 30 year old patient was discharged after 24 hours with absolutely no complaints or complexities. The surgery was a big success and a blockbuster hit for the Saudi German Hospital who believes in bringing medical care and health digitization collectively under the same umbrella.

Dr. Reem Osman – Regional CEO – Saudi German Health said ‘we continuously strive for medical innovation by adding latest technology including robotic systems that result in highest medical outcome. This robotic system will enable us to implement wide range of complex surgeries such as hysterectomy, ear, nose and throat surgeries, hernia repair and prostate removal, benign and malignant abdominal tumor surgery, surgery Obesity, colorectal surgery and urology with more precision. Versius robotic surgery has many advantages unlike open surgery, including reduced surgery time, wound size, bleeding, risk of infection, need for analgesics and hospitalization so that over 90 percent of patients can return home on the same day of surgery and therefore the recovery period’.

With the advent of this new venture, Saudi German Hospital has become a hub for highly remarkable medical health care. Completely facilitating robotically capable Laparoscopic abdominal/pelvic surgery for both male and female and robotically assisted gynaecology procedures are now being performed with great excellence and brilliance at Saudi German Hospital.

This new state-of-the-art technology that is the CMR Versius Surgical Robotic System will rule the world of Surgery dynamically digitizing healthcare ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for patients.