Summer Feeding Tips for Furry Friends

Summer Feeding Tips for Furry Friends

Summer is a fantastic time to have some fun, but it can be hard on your little fur ball.Apart from giving them plenty of water and keeping them indoors, it is imperative that as a pet owner you maintain the right feeding tips to help your pet beat the heat.

As such, theCalibra Wellness and Theraupetic Diet Range  line has been developed to address the individual needs of your dog or cat. The CalibraSuperpremiumRangeis available in the UAE through Eurovets, the leading wholesale distributor for the UAE’s animal health industry. Eurovetsoffers a comprehensive premium product range for small to large animals. 

Calibra offers nutritionally balanced – hypoallergenic food that is free from chemical preservatives and artificial colouring. Their products are suitable for both cats and dogs and are available in severalflavours such as chicken, lamb, salmon, and duck. The recipes, developed by experts, address your pet’s specific lifestyle and environment, thereby supporting its health and helps relieve various issues such as overworked joints or sensitive digestion. That’s not all, the food is gluten-free, made with high quality ingredients developed in cooperation with veterinarians and nutrition experts.

During summers, it is recommended dogs are offered recipes which include the following improved composition:

  • 6 % more meat
  • Monoprotein recipes
  • Less cereals (rice only)
  • High palatability and digestibility = lower feed rations
  • New additives: prebiotics and exceptional use of Fulvic acid

Similarly, it is recommended that cats be served a delicious and balanced dietwhich includes:

  • Up to 32 % fresh meat
  • Up to 90 % proteins of animal origin
  • Grain free recipes
  • Unique combination of three functional additives

In addition to the food, keep the pets well-hydrated. It is essential that pets always have free access to plenty of water, but this becomes even more important when it is hot. Here are some tips to ensure they stay hydrated –

  • Place water bowls in several places around your home and garden
  • Take a portable bowl and water on your pet walks, and make sure to stop frequently to offer your furry friend a drink

This summer ensure to have the right feeding habits to keep your pets healthy, safe and happy!

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