Feed Your Pet Food Rich with Green Tea Extracts to Aid Digestive Health

Calibra’s Veterinary Diets is recommended to resolve some of the most common health issues in pets

Dubai, 7th Sep 2021:The benefits of green tea are universal, and it’s no different for pets.  According to food experts at Calibra – green tea is added to some dog foods because it contains antioxidants, it can aid with digestive health and can also help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Calibra’sveterinary diets comprise of green tea decaffeinated extract which help resolve some of the most common health issues in pets. Green tea extract contains powerful health-promoting antioxidants which have wide-ranging benefits that are particularly good for the cardiovascular system.

As such, it is recommended that pets are offered Calibra veterinary diets, which are rich in green tea extracts to address health issues relating to the liver, skin and coat, stomach, the urinary tract, the kidneys, heart, as well as joints.Green tea benefits also include maintaining normal weight, combat diabetes and aid overall regeneration.

Some key benefits of having green tea extracts in pet food –

Helps Boost Immunity

As green tea and green tea extracts contain antioxidants, they are perfect to boost the immune system and help your dog stay healthy.

Available in Varied Forms

Green tea products for pets are available in varied forms, which helps pet owners choose food based on their pet’s preference.

Helps Fight Cancer

Since green tea is rich in antioxidants, the ingredient is well established to protect your dog from cancer. Studies have shown a correlation between everyday consumption of green tea and a decreased risk of stomach, oesophageal and liver cancers. Also, a American Cancer Society study found success treating canine lymphoma with green tea extract and prednisone or quinolone.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Studies also show that green tea in pet food is good to ensure that urine and feces won’t smell.

The benefits of green tea in pet food are numerous. While several brands offer such ingredients in their products, it is important to watch out for counterfeit brands. Pet owners are recommended to selectCalibra’sveterinary diets from veterinary clinics and pet shops sourced fromEurovetsin the UAE to ensure safety and health of pets. Eurovets is the leading distributor for the UAE’s animal health sector that offers comprehensive premium product range for small to large animals.