Aras Group Opens the first franchise of the famous German restaurant “Haval Grill” in Jumeirah Street

Opens the first franchise of the famous German restaurant “Haval Grill” in Jumeirah Street

Dubai – 08 September 2021: Aras Group opens the first franchise of the famous German restaurant “Haval Grill” “Koftespieß, Aryan & Chill” in the presence of the international rapper “Xatar” and social media influencers from all over the world.

Haval Grill is located in Dubai, on Jumeirah Street and it is the first franchise of this chain outside Germany in the GCC region, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

“Haval Grill” offers the most delicious dishes and grilled kebab sandwiches with two types of meat and chicken, which are cooked with a special secret mixture, and served with three different sauces: mango sauce, haval sauce, and bbq sauce to satisfy all tastes. The restaurant is also serving Haval Grill falafel with salad and french fries, and to complete the delicious taste Ayran Laban is served with meals to add freshness and a wonderful taste.

 “We thank all the guests who shared with us the joy of opening our first franchise in Dubai and we are pleased to be the first who bring this restaurant to the GCC and the Middle East to enjoy unparalleled dining experience” said Ashraf Mahmoud, Chairman of the Aras Group.

Aras Group is seeking to expand by opening more branches of the famous German restaurant “Haval Grill” all over the Emirates during the coming period.

“The cooperation of the German Haval Grill Restaurant with Aras Group is a great addition for us especially during this period that the UAE is witnessing the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai” said by the international rapper “Xatar”.

The ownership of the “Haval Grill” restaurant belongs to the famous German rapper Xatar, who opened several branches in Germany in several cities such as Bonn, Essen and in Munich. Because of the high demand for the Kofta and falafel dishes, he even produced frozen versions of these and distributed them to supermarkets to make it easy for everyone to have a taste of Haval Grill.

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About Haval Grill:

Haval Grill has been open in July 2020 in Bonn, Germany. The restaurant serves Germany’s most famous kebab sandwich with fresh Ayran. The restaurant gained a great popularity during this short period, so another branch was open in Essen. Because of the huge demand for meals, frozen kofta skewers were produce for sale in the markets so that fans of the restaurant could buy them. Today, Haval Grill opens its first branch in Dubai, to be the first branch in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

About Xatar:

Xatar was born Giwar Hajabi in 1981 in the village of Kūh-e Qalā‘ (Kurdish:Qalue). He came as a refugee from Iran to Bonn when he was a child. He grew up in the Brüser Berg district and was a member of the street gang Brüser Berger Assis.Under pressure from his father, Xatar learned to play the piano at the age of nine. In 1993, he came into contact with hip hop for the first time when he heard Dr. Dre’s album, The Chronic. He began rapping with his subsequent label mates Samy and Ssio. In 2008, he founded the label Alles oder nix Records which includes the rappers Samy and Ssio and the producers Maestro and DJ. His artistic success continued, until 2020, when he decided to establish a private project, so he opened the “Haval Grill” restaurant in Bonn, Germany and is now working to expand his chain of restaurant to all over the world.