Irthi’s Azyame graduates showcase trendsetting fashion and jewellery collections for regional and global audiences

Irthi’s Azyame graduates showcase trendsetting fashion and jewellery collections for regional and global audiences

10 emerging designers launch their debut collections inspired
by Emirati craftsonElevenish’se-commerce platform

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Sharjah, 14September 2021

The third cohort of ten Emirati designers trained under ‘Azyame’, the flagship fashion entrepreneurship programme by Irthi Contemporary Craft Council (Irthi), have recently unveiled their fashion and jewellery collectionson a newglobal digital portal ‘Elevenish’, setting off on exciting entrepreneurial journeys and empowered by the excellent exposure and visibility provided by an international e-commerce site.The collections are all inspired by Emirati crafts.

Launched by Irthi, an affiliate of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), in partnership with London College of Fashion, the Azyame programme seeks to support the next generation of creative talent within the country.

From crisp and elegant daywear pieces to feminine silhouettes with sharp design details and delicate textures, the new collections pay tribute to or incorporate the Emirati crafts of Talliproduced by the skillful artisans of Irthi’s Bidwa Social Development Programme.

The collections were launched on Elevenish, a newly establishedonline community and e-commerce platform targeting emerging designers, talents and artists around the world to feature their brand story and creations whilst providing a seamless shopping experience.

Niche platform targeting regional and global audiences

The online platform Elevenish is a promising avenue for Azyame’s designers to bring their collections one step closer to a discerning clientele both within the UAE and around the world and will redefine the digital shopping experience for users.The collections have also been unveiled at the Elevenish showroom in Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, to indulge those who prefer an in-person shopping experience.

Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, said: “The UAE is at the forefront of the fashion revolution in the Middle East, and the country’s home-grown talent are now being recognised for the dynamism and innovation they bring into the constantly evolving fashion scene. As skilled fashion professionals, these up-and-coming designers areconnecting with their audiences through niche platforms designed to expand their reach in the regional and global markets.”

BinKaram added: “E-portals such as Elevenish which set a new standard and raise the bar for designers are vital to driving the UAE’s pioneering efforts in the fashion and design industries. For Azyame graduates – who are mentored and trained in integrating fashion with craft-inspired designwhile also focusing on ethical and sustainable practices, the opportunity to showcase their work on this platform could serve as a launchpad for exciting new opportunities and partnerships.”

For her part, Hala Al Gergawi, Founder and CEO of Elevenish, said: “We are proud to announce that we have more than 80 brands on board showcasing exclusive pieces on, and it is an honour to have Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council, which shares our vision, to partner with us on the launch, as 10 designers from the Azyame programme’s third cohort will be featuring their beautiful creations on our platform.”

Intertwining fashion with Emirati craft heritage

The 10 designers whose labels can be accessed on Maitha Hamdan, founder of ‘Decencia’ which featurescontemporary wearfor Arab women;Aysha Salem, founder of AS Fashion House, whose debut line includes dresses for work, special occasions, and red-carpet events; ShougFardan, founder of eponymous art-inspired brand ‘SHOUG’; and Fatma Alawi, founder of ‘Mzyan’.

The ‘Azyame’ cohort of designers also includes Ayesha Al Mheiri, founder of ‘OSH Collection’; Moza Al Mazrou, founder of ‘Moza Al Mazrou’ who intertwines cultureand crafts in her collection;Sara Al Bedwawi, founder of ‘The Bedwa’,whose passion for art is the driving force behind her modern contemporary wear; and WafaBalaswad, founder of the eponymous label ‘WafaBalaswad’ whose modern designs come to life with the use of vibrant colors.

Badria Salim, founder of ‘Abdar Jewelry’honours the Tallipatterns with her geometric designs; while Sara Al Mulla, founder and CEO of ‘Piece of Heart Jewellery’, pays homage to theintricate details of Talli in her collection.

At an exclusive event to mark the launch of Elevenish brand and platform in Dubai, a panel discussion was held to introduce attendees to Irthi and the Azyame programme. The session featured Hala Al Gergawi, Founder and CEO of Elevenish, Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA, and Azyame designers WafaBalaswad, Badria Salem, and ShougFardan who shared their experiences during the Azyame programme

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