The Frame 2021: A canvas that mirrors style while bringing art and entertainment together

The Frame 2021: A canvas that mirrors style while bringing art and entertainment together

With innovation boundaries constantly being broken and new standards established regularly, consumer demands and expectations continue to rise as they become acquainted with the latest technological advancements. Riding a strong wave of momentum following the unprecedented success of its predecessor, Samsung designed, developed, and introduced the latest generation of The Frame – a product from the brand’s lifestyle TV conveyor belt that achieved ascension to the top of customer ‘wish lists’.

Personalization and empowerment have emerged as top priorities for supporters of Samsung’s next-generation TV line-up, which is why Samsung went above and beyond to provide both through this world-class innovation. Now firmly established as a lifestyle TV that adds the perfect finishing touch to any home interior, The Frame is an elegant work of art, giving any space the inspiration it deserves while tailoring to every individual need, preference, and style.

Furthermore, The Frame’s artistic prowess has been created without compromising on the entertainment factor. Market-leading features have come together with the latest technologies to deliver cutting-edge sound and visual capabilities for a new and unique customer-centric proposition. With these impressive statements in mind, let’s take a look at the specific reasons behind why The Frame is truly a canvas that mirrors one’s style and passion:

The gateway for channeling artistic passions

The Frame transforms from a TV into a work of art that can be personalized to fit any room aesthetic and decor. With new partnerships in the Art Store, The Frame features more original artwork to match individual tastes. It also includes AI-based auto-curation technology that recommends artwork based on selections, empowering the ownerto curatetheir own personal art collection with a growing library of over 1,400 pieces of art from world-renowned institutions.

Accessibility and personalization

From beloved classics to stunning photography, the Art Store gives user access to a variety of content to personalize their space. In 2021, there are new ways to customize The Frame itself—from new mounting options like the Slim Fit Wall Mount to multiple bezel options. Additionally, we have made the 2021 Frame slimmer than ever: just 24.9 millimeters thick. With approximately the same depth as an actual picture frame, it’s just as appealing off as when it’s on.The Frame also features increased photo storage space from 500 megabytes in 2020 to 6 gigabytes in 2021, so you can store up to 1,200 photos in UHD quality.

Next-level QLED TV experience

The Frame is a splendid addition to any living room, but it’s also a breathtaking TV, with groundbreaking QLED picture and sound technologies. With its 100% color volume and Quantum Dot technology, the Frame creates over a billion shades of accurate color to deliver Samsung’s finest picture ever. Users cansee every vibrant color, shade, and tone on display – exactly as it was meant to be seen – every single time they turn on The Frame. And by purchasing this innovation, consumers will also enjoy a host of other next-level features, including Dual LED, SpaceFit Sound, and mobile-friendly connectivity features, such as MultiView and TapView. What’s more, they will discover new ways to enjoy television, either as a brilliant 4K QLED TV or an innovative display of your favorite works of art. 

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