Centrum of excellence for Pancreas surgery at Emirates Speciality Hospital

Professor Farouk Safi at the Emirates speciality Hospital examined 61 years old lady referred to him because of abdominal pain and weight loss caused by solid tumor located in the neck of pancreas head. Due to advanced experience of gastrointestinal physician who did endoscopic ultra sound and remove biopsies from the tumor, the histology examination done at two differentlaboratory showing malignant cells.

After evaluation the general condition of patient, the tumour board recommend the surgical therapy.

Surgery was done, duodenum, common bile duct and pancreas head has been removed with anastomosis between remnant pancreas and jejunum, proximal common bile duct and jejunum, and between stomach and jejunum. All regional lymph nodes have been removed. So professor |Safi informed us.

Postoperatively no complications, no diabetes disease, patient went home eating and drinking her own food

The excellent team work of surgeons, anaesthesia, ICU and nurses and the support staff facilitate the building of such centre with this excellent results in UAE.