QNET participated in Cairo Water Week 2021; discussed sustainable solutionsfor clean and safe water 

QNET participated in Cairo Water Week 2021; discussed sustainable solutionsfor clean and safe water 

Dubai, 01 November 2021: As part of its continuous efforts to support the environment and achieve sustainable development, QNET, the global leader in direct sales, participated in the fourth edition of Cairo Water Week (CWW) 2021. The event took placefrom 24th to 28thof October, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

During the week,the event titled”Water, Population and Global Variables: Challenges and Opportunities” witnessed the launch of QNET’s complete HomePure water line. The water line includes the HomePure Nova Water Filtration System, HomePure Prefilter 1-mc and HomePure NovaSoft which provides auser-friendly andan effective yet efficient water filtration systemthat helps you conservewater, electricity and single-use plastic bottles.

The fourth edition of Cairo Water Week in 2021 is a part of Egypt’s agenda to focus on water as it is one of the most vitaland significant resources for sustainable economic and social development. This coincidentally lines up with QNET’s global strategy that dedicates special attention to providing sustainable solutions that contribute constructively to awareness about the best ways to access clean water whichshould be a guaranteed right for all humans……………………………………………………………………………………

Cairo Water Weeksaw a large number of ministers, official delegations and senior officials in the water sector, scientists, international organizations and institutes, together with the civil society institutions in attendance. The sessions and panel discussions of Cairo Water Weekwere conducted with the aim of reaching sustainable solutions to manage water resources, to be able to confront the population increase and the rapid changes that occur in the world, especially when it comes to the usage of land and the topic of climate at large. The event also comprised of special panel discussions curated by QNET, which discussed the company’s strategy related to clean and safe water.It also showcased QNET’s overall contribution to the wellbeing of the communities in which it operates.

Commenting on the event, Em-orn LeeHomePure Product Marketing Manager,spoke about how for over 10 years, the company has enjoyed theexperience of achieving water quality in more than 90 countries. This experience has enabled the company to design the most powerful and innovative water filtration system, ensuring a stream of clean and safe water in the homes. Lee also added that QNET’s HomePure water line provides filtration of sediment as small as 1 micron, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The HomePure water filtration system was designed specifically to address problems with accessing drinking water and it is considered one of the best household filters today because it uses the ultrafiltration technology(UF)which relies on 35+ Ultra-Tech filtration technology, whichhelps remove 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.………………………………….

Lee also added that during Cairo Water Week 2021, QNET organised several awareness activities to highlight the importance of clean water and the ways to access it. They distributed crayons and educational books that featured the HomePure Nova’s logo for clean water, in addition to an amulet in the form of a water drop as a part of the activities to teach children the optimal and efficient use of water resources in anentertaining, yet practical way. The children who participated in these activitieswere also given a variety of free gifts as a reward for their part in the goal to provide everyone with easy access to clean water.

TheCairo Water Week 2021 witnessed high-level sessions, including the joint meeting of the ministers of water and agriculture in the Arab countries, along with another meeting between the senior officials of those ministries. These sessions were organized by the League of Arab States, in cooperation with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Moreover, Cairo Water Week encompassed a number of side events. The most important of which were the4th African Young Water Professionals Forum, the EU-Egypt- UfM Water Investment Forumand the High-Level EU-Africa Green Investment Forum (organized by the European Union in cooperation with the Union for the Mediterranean and the African Development Bank) and the Water Finance Workshop (organized by the European InvestmentBank)…………………………………………………………………………………


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