Theatre of Digital Art and Generative Gallery to welcome digital artists from across the globe at .dreams exhibition in Dubai

Theatre of Digital Art and Generative Gallery to welcome digital artists from across the globe at .dreams exhibition in Dubai

03 November 2021, Dubai, UAE – Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) and Generative Gallery is excited to bring a multi-dimensional art display that represents the imaginary world to Dubai’s gallery space from 23rdNovember 2021. For the first time in Dubai, ToDA and Generative Gallery will also present a unique immersive and non-fungible token (NFT) experience with seven international modern artists at .dreams exhibition, held at the Theatre of Digital Art at the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

The dazzling exhibition will feature immersive artworks taking visitors on a revolutionary journey to a visual dimension world, similar to the limbic system, which processes emotions and memories while asleep.  Co-curated by ToDA and Generative Gallery, visitors can view digital art of the future with an unbelievable ocean of colours.

Daria Prodaevich, Art Director at ToDA commented, “Art has crossed all boundaries because it is one of the few things where the viewer can solely define the meaning, similar to that of a dream. Together with Generative Gallery, we are delighted to be able to introduce advancements in digital art, allowing international artists to create pieces that can now be seen and appreciated all over the world”.

At the same time, visitors to .dreams exhibition will be introduced to a wide selection of modernised NFT art with unique physical and digital works, which guests could buy in crypto or on a card with little more than the swipe of a smartphone.

Non- fungible token (NFT) has become a buzzword in the digital art sphere, with new forms of supply and demand emerging in the UAE next to online platforms as a product of novel technologies. These types of NFT artworks provide modern ways for people to view, buy and sell digital artwork and can be worth millions of dollars.

“For .dreams exhibition, we created a special limited edition of the NFT series. The artworks by Aizek, AUJIK, Daniel Rossa, László Bordos were transformed into physical objects so you can take a part of the experience with you. The edition of each work is 20 copies, and by purchasing the object, you get both the artwork in a beautiful custom-made frame and the NFT becoming a crypto collector,” commended IvanNefedkin, Founder at Generative Gallery.

The main program will feature digital artwork from seven international media artists:

  • László Zsolt Bordos is a 3D and media artist living in Budapest, Hungary. In 2000 he started to show his abstract 3D animations as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest. With his early 3D-vjing (2001-2004), his participation in huge size architectural slide projections (2002-2005) and his outrageous video projections and 3D mapping projects (2006-present), he became a pioneer of the genre.
  • MAOTIK, is a French digital artist that focuses on immersive experiences, interactive installations and audiovisual performances. Known for his dome immersive performances, Maotik designs his own audiovisual tools, generating real-time visual content from algorithms and creating 3D worlds to transform perceptions of space. 
  • François Quévillon is an artist from Montréal (Canada) that explores phenomena of the world and perception by the implementation of processes sensitive to their fluctuations and to contextual elements. His work addresses planetary changes as well as those affecting contemporary media, such as the relations between algorithms and images. He investigates how technology alters human cognition, culture, the environment, our relationships to space, to time and to one another. 
  • Kohuiis a Korean-based media artist. His work presents new perspectives through the merging of sight and sound, striving for the interplay of sensory experience through various approaches in virtual environments. His work is, in particular, focused on the generation of landscapes in algorithmic processes inspired by natural phenomena while also considering the relationship between sound and people, society, and nature.
  • Daniel Rossais a German-based media artist. The recreation of links between the digital world and existent reality is the main focus of his work – driven by the need to bring together virtual and actual reality within a physical and immediate aesthetic experience.
  • AUJIK, aka Stefan Larsson, born in Sweden, lives and works in Otsu, Japan. AUJIK’s multi-media works have been showcased in galleries, museums and festivals worldwide, including Prix Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH Asia, CMoDA Beijing, Japan Media Arts Festival, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021. AUJIK works with computer animation, AR, VR, photography, clothes, painting, music, and installations.
  • Aizek – is a media artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the fields of live audiovisual performance with an immersive installation approach. In particular, his works explore the space between digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between media arts and artificial life.

The exhibition will include 3 unique art zones. The main zone will showcase 40 mins of immersive digital art content taking visitors to a different world. The second zone will help spectators dive into the dreams space providing additional information about the exhibition with exclusive interviews with artists as well as information on NFT, including a limited edition of infinity objects with NFT frames, available for purchasing. And the final room will showcase unique artworks from additional artists.

For more information on .dreams exhibition, visit  or follow social media channels: @todadubai (Instagram), Theatre of Digital Art Dubai (Facebook).

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About ToDA

ToDA is the very first & unique Theatre of Digital Art in the UAE which offers its visitors to experience art differently from a gallery visit. Its uniqueness lies in the modern, immersive way of discovering masterpieces of the world’s most notable artists as well as contemporary digital artists. ToDA is a walk-through art space, where you can take memorable pictures during the show. Its breath-taking digital shows combine high-end technologies with contemporary art accompanied by stunning music, visual effects and surround sound.

About Generative Gallery

Generative Gallery is a live audiovisual project driven by the global art community collaboration.

Generative Gallery offers various spaces that serve as a perfect meeting point for the audience, providing a unique opportunity for digital art to go offline. The project

brings together the traditional forms of art-market interaction, considering the non-material essence of digital art and new mechanics offered by the crypto economy.

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