SIBF 2021 workshops light up the day for UAE’s young enthusiasts

SIBF 2021 workshops light up the day for UAE’s young enthusiasts

44 workshops engage UAE’s young minds on the opening day
of the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair

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Sharjah, November 5, 2021

It was a fun-filled start to a journey of great exploration and learning for UAE’s schoolers on the opening day of the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF).

Institutes and trainers brought together young enthusiasts and budding scientists from across the country over as many as 44 workshops, engaging them in sessions on topics ranging from robotics to lessons on sustainability.  

“The best way to engage and excite young minds when it comes to science is to show them a more hands-on approach. It is all about bringing science to life through its practical uses; there is no other way,” said Moaz Zarkali, an electrical engineer, who spent the day teaching 5- to 10-year-olds all about electricity and how to harness it inside a classroom using simple methods at the ‘Electricity Experiments’ workshop.

“Children got a unique opportunity to conduct experiments with light and understand the principles and uses of electricity through simple experimentation, observation and conclusion,” added Zarkali who works as an instructor at Aufuq Al Ebdaa Foundation, which will continue bringing more workshops for young learners during SIBF being held at Expo Centre Sharjah until November 13.

In one of the several experiments, Zarkali demonstrated how to make a flashlight using a small LED lightbulb, a 9V battery and a recycled sprite bottle to also drive home the message of sustainability.

Egyptians Youssef Abdelmawla, 6, and his sister Lyn, 4, who were amongst the youngest attendees of one such workshop, said they were delighted to create a flashlight out of scratch. “It actually works and it’s so amazing,” said Youssef after the conclusion of his workshop.

Scores of workshops on topics ranging from drones to creating movie posters, are scheduled to take place over the next 10 days at the event being organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA). Entry to the event is open for all and free of charge.


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