Melodies of acclaimed Spanish composers come alive at SIBF 2021

Melodies of acclaimed Spanish composers come alive at SIBF 2021

Spanish guitarist Miguel Trápaga mesmerises audiences with soulful classical tunes, including Arabic-inspired pieces, at 40th Sharjah International Book Fair

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Sharjah, November 7, 2021

Renowned Spanish guitarist Miguel Trápaga regaled visitors with this charismatic presence and mesmerising performance, held as part of Spain’s Guest of Honour programme at the ongoing 40th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) which runs its course until November 13 in Expo Centre Sharjah.

The artist delighted visiting book worms, cultural enthusiasts and art lovers from across nationalities in an open-air venue at SIBF 2021, proving that music has no boundaries and has the power to unite different cultures.

The audience fell silent as the guitarist’s beautiful notes filled the air with a sense of tranquility. As he strummed some internationally acclaimed melodies, the audience hopped onto their feet to sway and tap to the live music. Song after song, the applause grew louder and longer, as Trápaga managed to capture the hearts of adults and youngsters alike.

Hector Salvador, originally from Spain, expressed his delight in witnessing an integral cultural element of his homeland in the UAE. “I come from Spain, and today I felt that I was closer to my home. Spanish guitar is very difficult to play, and Miguel Trápaga is one of the finest classical guitar players worldwide. His performance in a new country in front of a multi-cultural audience – most of whom don’t understand Spanish, is commendable.”

Trápaga played a popular fan favourite to conclude his performance – ‘Sonata’ by Joaquin Turina, which is inspired by Arabic music. Talking about his experience at SIBF 2021, the artist said, “I thoroughly enjoyed playing outdoors in front of a multi-cultural audience. The outdoor setting enriched the experience as the audience seemed more relaxed and connected better with the music.”

He added, “Music connects people across different cultures. For instance, Spanish music is inspired by Arabic music and the two cultures share several common influences.”


  • Images during the concert

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