OSH launches a New Menu of Authentic Uzbek cuisine with Arabian Twists

OSH launches a New Menu of Authentic Uzbek cuisine with Arabian Twists

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – OSH, La Mer’s contemporary licensed Uzbek restaurant is introducing an au courant menu this November. The new selection of dishes and beverages are inspired by the Uyghur cuisine affiliated with Turkish, Central and Asian gastronomy.

The new food menu will host 31 new dishes including:

  • A twist to the classical ‘Buratta’ which will be served with a balsamic glaze, grilled peaches, cherry tomatoes topped with fresh truffles.
  • The ‘Black Samsa’, a veggie samsa filled with spinach and cheese will be served with a tangy and fresh garlic sauce.
  • A traditional ‘Tawook Osh’ an Uzbek classic plov cooked with chicken thighs, Uzbek carrots, raisins, and lazar rice for sweet and savory bursts of flavor.

Known for their impeccable meat and grill selections OSH is staying ahead of the curve with their fine selection of meat cuts and innovative grilling styles. One of their mains is the Napoleon Shashlik Beef which consists of layers of juicy beef tenderloin, lamb fat and kofta served on a bed of grilled parata with marinated onions and cucumbers.

Although modernized dishes have been added to the menu, diners can also relish on traditional and hearty Uzbek comfort food.

Anton Viner, the owner of OSH commented, “This time we really want people to immerse themselves in our food, style and creations. We are bringing in bolder flavor combinations, more live cooking next to our diners tables so that they really have an unforgettable dining experience”.

OSH has always taken pride in bringing innovation to their dishes while respecting the traditions of unique Uzbek cooking styles and ingredients. Most of the ingredients get flown in from Uzbekistan directly to preserve the true tastes and flavours of the dishes inspired by ‘The Silk Road’, the ‘Middle East’ and the Uyghur traditions.

Alejandro Castro, Head Chef at OSH added, “During the summer we did a lot of research to produce a unique new menu. The dining experience has been upgraded; new dishes have been introduced, along with a unique beverage offering. Will be sure to have something special for the everyone”.

Last but also sweet, OSH is also introducing a variety of desserts inspired by the West such as a double Oreo cheesecake, a classic chocolate fondant, freshly made in house matcha ice cream or refreshing yuzu sorbet and of course an assortment of Uzbek sweets and nuts which is a selection of apricot kernels, yellow raisins, sugar glassed almonds, dried apricots, almonds and black raisins.

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About OSH

OSH Restaurant and Lounge in La Mer Has been offering authentic Uzbek cuisine with Middle East flavours since 2018. The second branch of the concept which originates from London, OSH is a popular venue for diners across the UAE developed by the Viner Group with a renowned list of over 50 restaurants in Russia. Open 7 days a week, OSH offers a variety of traditional Uzbek style dishes with a modern twist. Additionally, the venue holds a number of entertainment events with live music, themed nights, and special offers which attract many segments of the population. With its beautiful views of both the sea and the city scape of Dubai’s iconic skyscrapers, OSH has become a popular destination to create wonderful experiences.

While the original seating was larger, the new number of guests that OSH can welcome – in line with the government pandemic restrictions – is a total of 200. Diners can be seated inside on the terrace on both the ground and first floors. Additionally, all the staff have been vaccinated and trained to abide Covid-19 restrictions and special gloves, masks plexiglass separators and hygienic operational practices have been adopted to ensure a safe environment for guests.

Location: La Mer North unit 703, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Contact Numbers: +971 55 963 6756, +971 4 153 65 87

Email: info@oshdubai.com, oshrestaurantdxb@gmail.com

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