FilMe announces strategic ties with Ullu

FilMe announces strategic ties with Ullu

FilMe has announced partnership with Indian on-demand streaming platform, Ullu and will exclusively release Ullu content in the UAE.

Dubai, 05 December 2021: Australia based entertainment retailer, FilMe is expanding their collection of web series and films in the middle east by teaming up with Ullu, an Indian on-demand streaming platform. FilMe aims to provide a constant stream of new content to keep things fresh for customers and that’s exactly what FilMe hopes to accomplish with their Ullu partnership. Two of Ullu’s flagship shows, Paper and Tandoor will be available on FilMe from the first week of December.

“FilMe is always trying to provide a constant stream of quality and diverse content to our customers. This partnership is a win-win for both Ullu and us because it gives us the opportunity to bring exclusive content to the UAE audience from one of the largest growing streaming platforms in India. Content like this is what will help to increase our market share by acquiring new customers here in the UAE,” said Dr. Abhishek Shukla, the founder of FilMe said in a statement regarding the partnership with Ullu.

With this partnership, Ullu will also get the opportunity to expand its reach and gain audiences for their content outside India. Ullu is currently one of the largest streaming platforms in India with over 49+ million downloads across Android devices, iOS devices and Fire TV. Their userbase is steadily climbing and they are now diversifying their original and exclusive content to provide users with a plethora of shows and movies in genres ranging from mysteries and thrillers to romance and comedies. They have a large slate of exciting original and exclusive shows in several languages.

“We are extremely excited to partner up with FilMe, as this gives us access key to international markets which we didn’t had before. There is a big Indian population in the middle east, and with huge demand for quality Indian web series that cater to their sensibilities. Two Ullu originals, Paper and Tandoor are going to be made available in the first week of December followed with plenty of other new content that is going to be on FilMe in the future as well,” said Mr. Vibhu Agarwal, Founder & CEO from OTT app ULLU.

Roopesh Jain, Head of Marketing at FilMe said, “This tie-up with Ullu strengthens our content library and by having something for everyone, it allows us to reach every facet of the large Indian diaspora in this region of the world.”

“This gives us a great opportunity to reach Indians who would like to access quality content from these Indian streaming services but are unable to do so,” added Jeetender Singh Bansal, Head of Content Acquisition at FilMe,

The two shows, Paper and Tandoor are two of the most exciting and engrossing shows on the platform.

Paper from creator Deepak Pandey is the story of one of the biggest money counterfeiting operations in the history of India. Rohit Bose Roy plays Abdul, a criminal mastermind who uses fake stamp papers to mint money. It shows the rags to riches, roller coaster journey of a young man who uses crime to leave behind a life of being a coconut water seller. The show also stars Parag Tyagi, Manoj Verma, Anang Desai, Kate Sharma, Preeti Soni and Ganesh Yadav among others. This is a story of greed, ambition and how they can corrupt a person’s soul.

Tandoor is the thrilling story of a married couple whose life turns upside down when an old friend enters the picture unexpectedly. Rashami Desai and Tanuj Virwani team up to deliver a tantalizing performance in a story filled with lies, deceit and intrigue. Loosely inspired by the infamous murder of Naina Sahni, this will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

You can get FilMe at your nearest Lulu store across the UAE in addition to its website


About FilMe

FilMe is an Australian born global which aims disrupting the current entertainment distribution. A brainchild of Dr. Abhishek Shukla, PhD in International Business and Strategic Management from Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, FilMe is a cool retail product which lets you watch movies directly to your smartphone with no subscription and no app download. It’s like magic. For the uninitiated, FilMe is a market disruptor in the entertainment industry, with its patented modern technology that enables viewers to watch content with a QR code and comes in the form of a physical retail format and online versions.

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