Bollywood Superstars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone watch in awe as the Burj Khalifa lights up with highlights from their forthcoming Cricket movie, 83. 

In anticipation of what’s suspected to be the season’s biggest Bollywood hit, the star-studded cast of Kabir Khan’s upcoming sports drama 83, were in Dubai to celebrate the film.

The whole team witnessed an unprecedented 2-minute projection of highlights from the movie, showing the talent in their iconic 80’s looks coupled with some breathtaking cricket action from the film!

The movie will see Ranveer stepping into the legendary role as Kapil Dev and Deepika as his wife, Romi respectfully. 

The cast was joined by Cricket legends Kapil Dev, Jimmy Amarnath and Kabir Khan as well. 

83 is slated to release in theaters in the UAE on the 23rd of December.