New Winter Menu at Sagar Ratna   

New Winter Menu at Sagar Ratna   

Indulge in winter special Kachi Haldi ki sabzi, gajar halwa and doodh jalebi 


The very well known marwari vegetarian restaurant in Dubai , Sagar Ratna has introduced a few winter speciality savoury and sweet delicacies to its menu. Hailing from the state of Rajasthan, the first dish on the menu is Kachi Haldi ki sabzi. (Raw turmeric vegetable).  A specialty winter dish from Rajasthan, Kacchi Haldi Ki Sabji is fresh turmeric and yoghurt curry mildly flavored with spices. Priced at AED 35. 
Next on the menu is ultimate winter favourite dessert, Gajar ka halwa – carrot-based sweet dessert pudding. Prepared with seasonal carrots (available only during cooler months) Gajar ka halwa is a favourite dessert of many during winter months in the Indian Subcontinent. The dish takes many down memory lane as they relive the cold winters evenings relishing this hot dessert. Priced at AED 18.
Last but not the least is Doodh Jalebi. With the onset of winter, the use of hot milk increases. If jalebi is added to hot milk, it becomes a desirable food. Jalebi attracts foodies all year round, but in colder months, hot milk and jalebi have their own taste and offer the much needed warmth and taste. Priced at AED 18. 
Available at Sagar Ratna JLT and Oud Metha. Mag 214, Lake Level 3, Cluster R JLT. Contact: 044-533364Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai. Contact: 043795493Timing: 8am- 11pm

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