Nafis program: VPS Healthcare prepares to create employment for Emirati tale

Nafis program: VPS Healthcare prepares to create employment for Emirati talents

The healthcare group convened a town hall meeting with Emirati talents in the organization and has decided to design a roadmap to create more employment opportunities for the UAE nationals

Abu Dhabi: VPS Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare groups in the UAE, is preparing to create employment opportunities for talented Emirati professionals in the medical sector. 

The initiative is in line with the Nafis program of the UAE government that aims to encourage and empower Emiratis to secure jobs in the private sector. As a first step, the healthcare group will be designing a roadmap to attract local talents. 

Working towards the goal, VPS Healthcare had convened a town hall meeting of Emirati professionals in the group. The town meeting saw the senior management team interacting with Emirati staff hearing out their experiences, and seeking their suggestions in making private-sector jobs more attractive to professionally qualified UAE nationals. 

VPS Healthcare has numerous Emirati employees working as senior physicians, medical staff, and administrative officials in its premium Burjeel Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Musaffah, and Al Ain. The town hall meeting was also attended by medical students undergoing their residency program at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Ali Alsuvwaidi, a senior Emirati physician working as a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, said, “Like government jobs, the private sector offers great opportunities to serve the community and rise in one’s career.”

The doctor also spoke of his experience working in the private sector. “It’s been six years since I have joined Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Everybody here has been supportive and helpful to me from the first day. I am enjoying every second of my life at work,” he said, adding he is sure that more Emirati professionals would be taking up prominent roles in the private sectors in the coming years.   

Sarah Alzaabi, a senior medical student from the UAE University, doing her residency program at Burjeel Hospital, said: “I have had a very positive experience here at Burjeel Hospital. The medical staff and doctors here are very supportive and guide us to learn new things and gain hands-on experience. I am sure that these lessons will empower us to become better care providers and continue the good work in the private sector.”

Another medical student enrolled in the residency program at Burjeel, Abdulrahman Alhammadi, said: “Private sector has the potential to offer exciting opportunities for professionals in every field. I have experienced it during the residency program here at Burjeel. It has only been a month, and the support I have received here is overwhelming. We are appreciated for the good work and guided to take up more responsibilities. The doctors and staff are encouraging, and most importantly, they have taught us to dream big.”

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare, said: “We are always happy to provide the best opportunities to the Emirati community. The town hall initiative is to listen to the views of young Emirati professionals and understand how we can cater to achieve their aspirations. Burjeel hospital is a UAE-grown brand and is close to the heart of the Emirati community. Supporting all young local talents to excel in their career is our priority. Our experts will support young talents in designing their career and empower and mold them to become successful CEOs and entrepreneurs making a difference in the society.”

Quote from Nafis: “………………………………………”

Roadmap to the future

Based on the views and feedback from the Emirati Employees and medical students, VPS Healthcare will design a roadmap to implement the Nafis program across the group.

The senior management is already in touch with the authorities regarding the same. The group aims to attract more local talents to medical jobs and recruit a significant number of Emiratis in the next 3-5 years. 

“Our plan goes with the plan of the UAE. We aim to build a stronger healthcare system in the UAE and fulfill the human resource requirements by empowering and training local talents to deliver to the fullest of their abilities. The Nafis scheme would help us to work more towards new schemes in the coming days and train and produce highly proficient Emirati teammates within us,” added Omran Al Khoori, President of Business Development at VPS Healthcare.


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