Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec 2021: The Pet Care Industry continues to grow year on year with more and more households beginning to open their homes to pet ownership. With the on-going pandemic, the industry overall is showing an exceptional surge. People are adopting pets due to isolation, seeking comfort in pets.

This growth in pet ownership, has in turn grown pet food, vet supplies and grooming services. A report estimates that the global pet care industry will top (in sales) $148 billion by 2025, ($100 Billion in 2020) as pet owners push for better care and higher quality for their animal companions.

Eurovets the leading distributor for the UAE’s animal health industry that offers a comprehensive premium product range for small to large animals cites demand for quality care of animals as the most important reason for the growth of the industry. According to Eurovets, premium pet food and treats, diagnostic testing and services and hygiene solutions are some key segments that will record high growth. In the Middle East, particularly the UAE, pet care is of utmost importance and with the UAE all set to host events such as WVA, MEVMAS and MEAVC in 2022, this is only further going to strengthen the industry. As per Eurovets, the pet care industry is buoyant currently given the high spending in research and development, and 2022 will see the industry only accelerate its position.

Eurovets is the trusted name in providing veterinary and animal health products, serving clinics and businesses throughout UAE and the greater Gulf region for the past decade. The company has 8 dedicated departments to manage workflow. Right from distributing over 2000+ products from strategic facilities to importing the highest quality products to meet the veterinary, companion, wildlife, avian, equine and camel market,  Eurovets aims to add value to client’s businesses and raise industry standards locally. It’s Temperature controlled fleet of vehicles are combined with state-of-the-art inventory management system that allows to timeously deliver products to customers. This include deliveries from clinics, pet shops to stables, farms in remote areas and even the royal palaces. Eurovets supplies product lines sourced from around the world including Pharmaceuticals, Disinfectants and Treatments, Consumables, Feed and Supplements, Veterinary Equipment, Veterinary Instrumentation and more.

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