Sharjah’s Health Promotion Department launches mental image questionnaire for its social media platforms

Sharjah,7 January,2022

The Health Promotion Department (HPD) at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah has launched a mental image questionnaire for its social media platforms. The questionnaire seeks to find out the appropriateness of the awareness materials the Department provides to community members, as well as to learn about the most social media platforms used by the public to receive health awareness.

Through this step, the HPD aims to develop its work mechanisms and make a better investment for its platforms to ensure wider dissemination of health awareness messages.

The questionnaire consists of 11 questions, including the personal information, the type of HPD accounts that are followed up more frequently, and the usefulness of the information provided on health Promotion Department accounts and its role in educating the individual to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The public can participate in the questionnaire via the following links;



“The questionnaire aims to figure out the real impact of the HPD’s social media platforms in raising health awareness of the individuals and benefiting from the information that the public will provide to develop and promote health awareness,” said Iman Rashid Saif, Director, Health Promotion Department.

She noted that social media platforms have played an influential role in raising public health awareness, especially amid the Covid-19 crisis. Against that backdrop, the HPD sought to intensify its presence through these platforms and harnessed all its digital capabilities to spread its awareness messages.

She explained that the Department has embraced new and innovative work mechanisms based on posting awareness publications on many health issues and shooting educational films to educate the community about all health practices, in addition to conducting scientific and research studies to measure the level of health awareness among the public.