Tadweer: UAE at the forefront of adopting latest technologies for sustainable waste management

Tadweer: UAE at the forefront of adopting latest technologies for sustainable waste management

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 11 January 2022: EcoWASTE 2022 Exhibition and Forum is set to launch under the slogan “exploring future opportunities for waste management to achieve a circular economy.” The exhibition and forum, organized with the strategic partnership of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), covers various fields, including recycling and wase management and treatment in the MENA region. The exhibition is an integrated platform for developing and formulating practical and sustainable waste management practices, pursuing climate initiatives, and pushing towards adopting a circular economy by supporting the development of the necessary policies, technologies, solutions, and frameworks.

His Excellency Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), said: “The UAE is moving steadily towards adopting the circular economy model and attracting the latest innovative technologies for sustainable waste management. This supports us in confronting future challenges and achieving sustainable economic development, which is a strategic priority for the nation.”

The exhibition was announced during a media event, which was organized by Tadweer prior to the launch of EcoWASTE 2022 Exhibition and Forum. EcoWASTE 2022 will be hosted in Aby Dhabi between 17-19 January at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Al Kaabi said: “EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum is a unique opportunity for showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in waste management, which serve as a tool for creating a better world. It also contributes towards stimulating investments, exchanging expertise, and establishing partnerships with top local, regional, and international companies in order to unify the efforts for achieving sustainable development and taking pre-emptive steps to deal with current and potential challenges in the waste management sector. This contributes to a positive shift in the societies around us and ensures securing a healthier environment for future generations.”

“We are glad to welcome some of the top companies and innovators from around the world at the exhibition where they can showcase their innovations and expertise, and benefit from the UAE’s experience and success in strengthening its position as a global centre for technology and sustainability, and its wise vision for achieving prosperity. With the participation of a number of remarkable speakers, the EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum is a real opportunity that the world needs in the current circumstances, for inducing social change and supporting innovations that would have a positive impact on the future of mankind,” Al Kaabi added.

EcoWASTE is a unique platform for showcasing the best practices and experiences, as well as unveiling new projects and technologies in the waste management sector. This year’s eighth edition brings together more than 35 local, regional, and international companies, with participants from several countries. Some of the countries participating for the first time include Denmark, Serbia, the Netherlands, Egypt, and the United States.

The event’s three-day forum features panels that will see the participation of elite officials, business leaders, and experts from around the world. They will discuss the latest trends and opportunities provided by circular economy, the role of technology in waste management, disposal of medical waste during the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of waste management and safety criteria, and generating energy from waste.

His Excellency Dr. Salem Al Kaabi is expected to deliver the keynote speech on the first day of the event. Al Kaabi will shed light on the importance of implementing active strategies for waste management, the current and future projects for the Center, and the efforts for applying the circular economy model and achieving the goals of UAE Vision.

Speakers at the forum’s panels include: Chief Executive Officer of Beeáh Group; Managing Director of Waste Processing, Treatment and Disposal at Sharjah Environment Company (Bee’ah); President of the Swiss Business Council Abu Dhabi; Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Investment Recycling Company; Director of Studies, Research and Development at the UAE Ministry of Energy & Industry; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chinook Sciences; and the Chief Executive Officer of Van Werven Plastics Recycling, among other experts and specialists.


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