Diabetes Friends Association launches “Super Hero” awareness program


The Friends of Diabetes Association, one of the health-promoting organizations under the Health Promotion Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, has launched its annual awareness campaign “Super Hero”.

The campaign is held in cooperation with Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE), Sharjah Education Council (SEC), and the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

Running from January 11 to May 15, the 4-month program, which takes place in Sharjah public and private schools, aims to educate students, parents, and administrative and teaching staff on ways to prevent and live with diabetes, as well as highlight the right of the child with diabetes to lead a normal life like other non-diabetic children.

This came during the press conference held virtually by the Association, and was attended by Khawla Al Hajj, Head of the Friends for Diabetes Association, Aisha Al-Seiri, Director of the Student Care and Protection Department, ESE, Shaima Al Hosani, Head of the health care department , SEC, Taher Al Mahrazi, Director of Educational Operations Department, SPEA, and representatives of a number of government institutions in Sharjah, schools participating in the campaign, sponsors and the media.

“The launch of the ‘Super Hero’ program is part of the Association’s keenness to ramp up its efforts to raise awareness among members of society and urge them to adopt a healthy lifestyle that ensures the prevention of diabetes, in addition to supporting children with diabetes and helping them live with it,” said Khawla Al Hajj. “This year’s edition of ‘Super Hero’ program is packed with innovative initiatives aimed primarily at providing a stimulating environment for positive health behaviors for students.

For her part, Aisha Al-Seiri highlighted the importance of the program, which comes in line with the directives of the wise leadership to provide a healthy and safe environment for school students, which is one of the most important priorities of Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE)

She added that the ESE strongly believes that children are the builders of the future of this nation, and for their sake, we must all work hard to provide all the components to ensure the highest levels of health for them.

Shaima Al Hosani hailed the efforts made by the Diabetes Friends Association to maintain the health of community members and encourage them to follow healthy lifestyles, mentioning that the SEC’s support for the “Super Hero” program comes as part of the efforts being made to provide a healthy and safe environment for school students and enhance their level of health awareness, especially with regard to ways to live with diabetes.

Taher Al-Mahrazi underlined that SPEA is doing its utmost to ensure the success of the “Super Hero” program and its objectives, by informing private schools of the events, initiatives, and workshops included in the program and encouraging students to participate in these events, in order to ensure that the awareness messages of the program are successfully reached the largest segment of the students.

During the press conference, an introductory film on the initiatives and activities of the “Super Hero” program was screened, which includes a virtual awareness workshop entitled “Diabetes and the School” in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

The workshop targets nurses in 40 public and private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah, in addition to organizing an educational tour of a number of public and private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah, targeting the second and third grades.

The program also includes selecting a coordinator and a nurse from each school to implement awareness lectures and workshops, training students to perform the “superhero play,” organizing a competition for the best awareness film on diabetes, and a competition for the best story of a student living with diabetes, as well as a competition for the best theatrical script and theatrical performance for the “Super Hero” play.

Moreover, the program is featuring free checkups for students and teaching staff, besides launching a wide media campaign that includes radio segments, posts on social media about diabetes and its treatment and prevention methods.


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