The Republic of Paraguay’s diversity in focus as a tourist destination at Expo 2020

South American Republic to showcase country’s eclectic attractions at Travel & Connectivity Week

Dubai, 12 January 2022:  During the much-anticipated travel and connectivity week at Expo 2020, Paraguay is ready to showcase the Republic as an eclectic tourism destination for global travellers, highlighting the diversity of the country’s attractions during a tourism presentation to be held on 13th January, as part of the Travel & Connectivity Week at the Expo 2020.

The presentation -`Just for you,’ during the event will seek to present Paraguay as a safe destination that will provide its visitors with rich cultural, historical, urban, and natural experiences. “We will use this opportunity to highlight the reasons why Paraguay is a desired tourist destination. We want to strengthen our ties with the UAE and other Expo 2020 participants through tourism,” said José Aguero Avila – General Commissioner, Paraguay Pavilion, Expo 2020.

Ranked the ‘world’s happiest place’ at the Expo, Paraguay’s focus at the Expo has been on connecting water, renewable energy, and mobility under the theme of ‘creating sustainable development opportunities. Its principal exports have been food, particularly soybeans and hydroelectricity. Now, it is looking to leverage its strategic position between Argentina and Brazil to deepen ties with the UAE and other countries in the Gulf through tourism.

“The government of Paraguay took early steps to address the challenges of the pandemic with both public and private sector joining hands to make the Republic a safe for travel country,” said Juani Quevedo, Director at Ministry of Tourism, Government of Paraguay.

The presentation will also highlight the sanitary requirements needed to enter Paraguay, while giving a detailed picture of the destination with a variety of attractions from water falls to nature trails, to bird sanctuaries, among others. Paraguay is also evolving into a sought-after MICE destination, officials said.

The Travel & Connectivity Week was also an occasion for Paraguay to highlight its tourism and hospitality infrastructure, entertainment, and leisure options as well as gastronomic delights.

On the global business front, Paraguay is among the 10 best world producers and exporters of electricity, soybeans, beef, and organic sugar. Paraguay has also been declared safe for travel by the WTTC (World Travel and Trade Council) due to prudent actions taken by the Government at the early stages of the health crisis.


About Paraguay

Paraguay pavilion is located in the Mobility District of Expo 2020. It showcases the country’s scenic landscape and its resources and portraits an authentic Paraguayan experience through imposing artworks. Throughout the whole experience underlies the theme of the country Water linked Paraguay and it also offers a taste of its culture through the country’s ethnic music and dance forms.

Paraguay is the largest producer of renewable energy in the world: 100 % of the energy it produces is renewable. Paraguay is one of the largest food producers in the world as well. The country has the third largest river barge fleet on the planet which allows it to connect to the world through its rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Through water, Paraguay not only produces clean energy but also makes its production reach the world. The country was also ranked as the ‘world’s happiest place’.