University Hospital Sharjah inaugurates Women’s Health Clinic for wellness, preventive, and curative treatment

Centre focuses on integrating women’s wellness and prevention treatment to the advanced gynaecological services

March 01, 2022

University Hospital Sharjah (UHS) announced that it has established the Well WomanClinic, a specialized Women’s Health Centre to provide a comprehensive range of health services for women. The initiative aims to bring together women’s wellness and preventive care alongside state-of-the-art gynaecological services, all under one roof.

Upon establishing the Women’s Health Clinic, UHS aims to offer a range of comprehensive treatments and services that covers the overall wellness of women. The clinic specializes not only in reproductive and gynaecological care, but also in menopausal symptoms and aesthetic advanced services. The centre targets common female complaints like urinary incontinence, which was reported in 14 per cent of females over the age of 18, in addition to another study highlighting only a minimum of 60 per cent improvement in the quality of life after gynaecological Rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of UHS and Member of the Board of Trustees, said: “Women’s health has always been one of our main priorities at UHS, and today we are adding women’s wellness to that list to provide wellness services at same quality and guaranteed safety as advanced medical services. We recommend women to talk to an experienced healthcare professional in our hospital to avail our services, making sure they are in good health for gynaecological and wellness needs. The initiative also aims to encourage all women to take part in screenings and regular check-ups, following the opening of the Well Woman Health Clinic.”

The Women’s Health Clinic was designed to help women with a range of common issues, get access to fast diagnostic and treatment services. Consulting with a doctor regarding personal health concerns can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. However, UHS aims to provide a space that supports patients, making the experience easier and comfortable. Our primary focus remains to encourage more women to seek regular check-ups, strengthening preventive care when it comes to conditions like breast health, sexual health, gynaecology and reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth, bladder care, and gynaecological aesthetics.