Cloud Tech: Moving Away from Linear Evolution to Exponential Growth

Authored by Dr. Christopher Richard, MD & Chief Cloud Architect, G7 CR Technologies

With more and more organizations, especially SMBs and startups moving to cloud technology every day with a hunger for success and passion for technologies, Software as a Service offerings are ideal for them not just for being cost-effective but also due to high scalability and accessibility. So, there is a massive growth potential for SaaS in MENA, which is witnessing an evolution in customers’ maturity and familiarity with technology. Their desire to make the right choices for driving immense value to the organizations is actually remarkable. With this also comes to the increasing interest and growth towards technology modernizations and automation, AI and ML on Cloud and that to be continued in coming years.

Benefits cloud computing brings to eCommerce and e-retail

Right from the shopping habits and preferences to ease of accessing e-commerce sites, it is needless to stress how fast the e-commerce industry is growing right now, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. As per eMarketer, the worldwide retail e-commerce sales are expected to cross $6trillion by 2023. With such a high growth trajectory, there comes the need for equally faster, reliable, and secure scalability options. Now, what better option than Cloud computing here? Scalability is one of the major reasons that organizations are choosing Cloud today. It empowers them to increase (scale up) or decrease (scale down) the size of the infrastructure with respect to business growth. This is done just with a few clicks and does not require weeks or months of time, the usual limitation of onprem.

For ecommerce sector, data security has always been a priority and that requires massive investment. Thanks to Cloud, which comes with all the necessary tools to protect and comply with data security and privacy needs across all business verticals. With all such options and measures already in place and continuous improvements being done by OEMs with the best partners available today to help make the finest decisions possible, data security experts can definitely say that cloud is the best option for ecommerce and e-retail organizations across the world.

When an ecommerce company chooses cloud, one of the greatest benefits that evidently come is the removal of geographical boundaries where businesses can basically deploy their projects/workloads across multiple different geographies based upon where the cloud provider has established data centres. With the Cloud, not only enterprises see the option of having storage in various different countries but are able to extend various edge point technologies which allow them to further get closer to the users/customers and reduce the latency and increase the response time. So, it can be stated that both edge computing and cloud computing can mutually ensure the growth of each other. While edge computing uses the advantages of cloud datacentres across the globe to create and spread more end points for storage, cloud computing can benefit from edge point technologies by ensuring people are able to post in any given region.

Serverless functions create new user experiences

Yes, serverless functions can certainly play an important role in creating new and better user experiences. For example, let’s say an entrepreneur hosted a website today which may have certain numbers of users and limited features. Tomorrow when he would like to enhance features: add more or change some of them, he doesn’t need to deploy the entire platform again if he goes serverless. Hence, no need for huge downtimes, website performance issues, and uneasiness to the users; all of those web features that greatly make an impact on customer’s experience, can be easily managed through serverless functioning.

Combining AI with cloud services

Having AI combined with Cloud services can be a cost-effective and efficient option. Imagine having a physical data server where the data is stored and now the entrepreneur wishes to adopt AI. He may end up wasting so much of money, time, and efforts to integrate everything. But if he utilizes a cloud service to store the same data instead of onprem, he will save a lot of money by eliminating the data transfer and integration steps. Today, organizations cannot just focus on using and adapting to the rapidly changing and developing technologies but also on how to efficiently utilize them for their business needs.

Metaverse in 2022

Metaverse is the catching phrase of recent times. It is relatively a new space but has the potential to disrupt the current digital environment; it can be an important part of the current technology evolution. The cloud definitely complements the faster growth to metaverse by ensuring that hardware resources are available at ease and are taking care of the scalability part which helps in metaverse growth at a much faster pace.

Any new technology today brings a lot of opportunities for businesses and their stakeholders in the ecosystem. Presently, Metaverse brings in opportunities for vendors and channel partners who are ready to adapt to change along with the disruptions this new technology demands.