View Foad Hamzeh’s Latest Art Masterpieces at Rixos Premium Dubai this March

Rixos Premium Dubai partners with artist Foad Hamzeh to display his signature pieces curated to take guests on a whimsical journey showcasing the wonderland of calligraffiti.

Dubai, UAE (March 2022): Rixos Premium Dubai announced an exclusive partnership with calligraffiti artist, Foad Hamzeh to showcase a collection of signature pieces curated to depict the wonderland of calligraffiti. This will be available for viewing for the entire month of March in the hotel lobby.

Foad Hamzeh, professionally known as FH.VISUAL is a Calligraffiti and Visual Artist that uses mixed mediums to make an art piece come to life. He also has the creation of the Arabic graffiti font FHV to his name giving calligraphy a modern twist. Hamzeh believes that when visuals meet communication hand in hand, the interpretation of a message becomes stronger. He often gets inspiration from looking at objects and wrapping Calligraffiti onto the object/view in his mind to show the power of words.

Inspired by the theme of wonderland and all the intricacies it entails, at Rixos Premium Dubai, FH.VISUAL is using all his signature pieces to display in an all new way to curate his own wonderland of art. A journey through all the unique spaces at the hotel including ceiling, floor, poles, photo-booths, and interior, he is bringing to life the mental gallery he imagined to create a new experience for all the art enthusiasts.

Cenk Unverdi, Regional Managing Director of Rixos Hotels, commented, “At Rixos we believe in curating unique experiences for our guests and with this partnership, we aim to promote art and creativity in the region. The curated display of Foad’s work across unique spaces across the property is going to help our guests explore a wonderland of Calligraffiti and take individuals into the mind of the artist.”

“The exhibition couldn’t have come at a better time as given Foad’s work is vastly influenced by his mother, and March being a significant month of showcasing the importance of celebrating women, the exhibition will host handpicked pieces from his collection that are dedicated to women empowerment,” he added.

Foad Hamzeh added, “I have always liked to create new experiences for people through art. When this opportunity presented itself, it would be an understatement to say how excited I was. The pieces curated to showcase at Rixos Premium Dubai are poised to take the guests on a visual tour of the wonderland of calligraffiti.”

Foad Hamzeh’s art display will be open for viewing for a period of three weeks starting from March 10, 2022.

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