Future of Real Estate is now in Dubai – XCLUSIVERSE officially launched worldwide

Future of Real Estate is now in Dubai – XCLUSIVERSE officially launched worldwide

Developed by UNICORP CAPITAL, this disruptive virtual platform aims to democratize the real estate industry worldwide

Dubai, March 2022 – Promising to bridge the worlds of technology and real world, XCLUSIVERSE has launched worldwide its first stage, aiming to connect in the metaverse both real estate professionals and end buyers. XCLUSIVERSE is the first immersive and integrated real-digital world upscale experience that maps out solutions for brokers, vendors and business owners boosting their business opportunities.

Developed by UNICORP CAPITAL, the first phase of launching the platform is now accessible to thousands of landholding brokers and developers around the world, who now can list their real-world properties in the digital world and having access to a global inventory of properties and lands for their clients.

“We believe that people need to embrace the technology that brings them more business efficiency, fast interaction, and fun, but at the same time staying anchored in real world experiences. We created XCLUSIVERSE to facilitate business coherence in this VUCA world, and the first industry to benefit from XCLUSIVERSE will be the real estate. Here we remove redundant steps in the process of selling and buying land or properties, giving the real estate professionals the opportunity to connect in the virtual world with potential buyers and partners, having access to the most upscale technology without being limited by time and space”, said Florina Onetiu, co-founder of UNICORP CAPITAL.

XCLUSIVERSE is accessible to realtors by purchasing an annual membership that includes several features, a membership that can be customized based on their business necessities.

“From choosing the office type to designing it, adding branding elements and having access to specialized industry webinars and events, XCLUSIVERSE tailors its services based on today’s real estate industry needs, and these are to create an ethical experience that connects both real and digital worlds”, said Cristian Onetiu, co-founder of UNICORP CAPITAL.

Besides being a creative virtual space for closing deals, XCLUSIVERSE also builds the largest community of investors through exquisite experiences of 4.0 interaction, shopping, and real-world meetings, featuring three spaces – XCLUSIVERSE CITY, XCLUSIVERSE MALL and XCLUSIVERSE CLUB.

“We have created these spaces to give the opportunity to our members not only expand their portfolio to worldwide leads and clients but also socialize and take their virtual relationships into the real world, setting this way a marketplace of meaningful services for realtors”, concluded Onetiu.

In EXCLUSIVERSE MALL, members will be able to shop and earn digital products, from NFTs to fractional assets, rent virtual offices or lease business spaces, while EXCLUSIVERSE CITY is set to be the space for social connections experiences such as meet and greet or play and earn. An upscale structure – EXCLUSIVERSE CLUB – is there to provide members with bespoke privileges, from setting exclusive meetings to having access to prime services, events and happenings in the XCLUSIVERSE community.



UNICORP CAPITAL is an investment fund solution built on a blockchain platform, which democratizes the real estate industry through innovative projects aiming to connect in the metaverse both real estate professionals and end buyers.


Florina Onetiu

Florina Onetiu is an entrepreneur and a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. She founded one of the most successful networks of wellbeing centers in Romania – Happiness Centers, while also being a board member in her family business – Life Care – one of the largest organic and direct sales company in Eastern Europe established in 2005.

Since 2010, she has been working as a commercial strategy advisor and certified coach (ICF), mentoring over 50 entrepreneurs and leaders who have been coached to make an impact in the business scene in Romania. In addition to practical experience, Florina has a formal education at the most prestigious business schools in the world, such as Oxford University, Stanford University, Cornell University and Frankfurt Business School. She is actively involved in supporting women and promoting gender equality through her own projects (Women’s Academy, 2011-2014) or external projects that she supports continously.

Cristian Onetiu

In 2005, Cristian Onetiu founded Life Care, one of the the largest direct sales company in Central and Eastern Europe, with a cumulative turnover of over 120M USD, having over 50,000 independent distributors in over 20 countries. He has been featured by Forbes in their Top 500 Entrepreneurs, being acclaimed not only for his business accumen, but also for launching several education and business restart programs.

His portfolio of investments expanded to media soon after, Onetiu insfusing capital in The Shark Tank Tv show franchise for South-Eastern Europe.

He is also the author of the best-selling book Start in Entrepreneurship and the business boardgame starUp RACE. He has shared his knowldege conducting several mentorship progammes, being business coach for over 1000 entrepreneurs. In 2019, Onetiu has been named The most Influential Romanian Entrepreneur in the in StartUp Monitor Edition.

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