Brazil pavilion welcomes over 2 million visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai

Brazil pavilion welcomes over 2 million visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai

  • Healthy blend of business and leisure visitors at the South American country’s pavilion recorded the milestone number towards the end of the global exposition.
  • Brazilian businesses explored new trade partnerships from the region and other parts of the world.

DUBAI – March 30, 2022: The Brazil pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has reached the highly coveted milestone of welcoming over two million visitors. The traffic to the pavilion, along with the attention it has received from investors, signals massive opportunities opening up for the South American country’s businesses at the global event.

Built at an investment of USD 20 million in the Sustainability District, the 4,000 Sq. m pavilion brought a unique blend of innovative architecture and immersive technology to evoke a rich experience of the Amazon rain forest in Dubai. By day, the pavilion has been a serene recreation of the Brazilian lifestyle with a shallow water blade occupying across half of its area, but at night, it lighted up and gave the whole Expo a light show spectacle.

ApexBrasil, the agency that organised Brazilian participation at Expo, has also used its time at the mega event to progress its existing bilateral trade ties with the UAE and countries from the Middle East and beyond.  

A three-member Indian family residing in UAE marked the two million visitor record at the pavilion. The family joined the celebration with the pavilion commissioner general, director and staff members.

Commenting on this record number of visitors, Elias Martins Filho, Commissioner-General of Brazil at Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “We are extremely proud to host two million visitors at the Expo 2020 as it is coming to an end after a six-month-long display of cooperation, innovation, and cultural exchange. We have been confident that all the hard work that we put into our innovative and immersive pavilion would pay off and are happy to say that it did.”

“This figure of two million visitors represents the resounding success of our pavilion and we are optimistic that we can take this momentum forward into the future as we continue to work with the UAE and all other countries that participated in the Dubai Expo,” he added.

Raphael Nascimento, Brazil Pavilion Director at Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “We are proud of everything that we have accomplished. We created various opportunities at the Expo and in Dubai for attracting investment throughout the event. Besides being an Expo mainstay for visitors looking for leisure, the pavilion has seen steady traffic of trade visitors opening up new trade and investment partnership opportunities for Brazil.”

“The outcome that Brazil achieved with the Expo participation will help the nation to expand its presence in other global markets. The Expo helped us strengthen our relations with other Gulf countries, thus confirming the high reliability of our products and the commitment of our productive sector to quality, health and sustainability,” he added. 

“It’s a great surprise for us being the visitors marking this milestone record at a major pavilion of the Expo 2020,” said Sudha Toshniwal, who was honoured along with her husband Sharad Lahoti and 3-year-old daughter Saiesha. 

Welcoming two million visits is a testament for the outstanding concept of the pavilion featuring the blade of water across the pavilion floor depicting the Amazon River. We are extremely happy to be part of this celebration as well. We are also happy to receive a goodie bag with some valuable gifts from the pavilion,” she quipped. 

According to Nascimento, the success that Brazil has found at the Expo signals that the country is meeting its investment, tourism and innovation potential on a global stage. “It has been a hectic time for us with the mix of business and leisure visitors attracted to what we have laid out at the pavilion. From what we could gauge from visitor responses, the experience they had at our pavilion has been unique and stunning.”

In keeping with the sustainability theme, Brazil has also been collaborating with its neighbour Paraguay at the Expo to promote its solutions for clean and renewable energy.

Itaipu Binational, the world’s second-largest hydroelectric power plant located on the Brazil Paraguay border, and a global leader in green energy showcased its tried-and-true water conservation practices at the pavilion. Through an interactive and immersive virtual reality technology, visitors at the Brazil pavilion were shown the richness of Brazil’s ecosystems and taught visitors about environmental conservation and water care.

The pavilion also had the privilege of hosting New7Wonders, the organization that conducts the voting campaign to determine the new seven wonders of the world and nature every year. After an arduous voting process with 600 million voters, Brazil has been bestowed the honour of being home to three world wonders – Iguacu Waterfalls, the Amazon rainforest and the Christ Redeemer.

ApexBrasil also organised the Agritalks that served strengthening the agribusiness between Brazil and the UAE. Coinciding with the Expo, Brazil became one of the most prolific countries at Gulfood this year with over 114 companies participating.

The pavilion offered visitors with a detailed portrait of Brazil, a huge country with a diverse population, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, amazing tourist spots and unending opportunities for investment.

The immersive, sensory, and exciting experience from the Pavilion is accomplished with the help of 140 projectors pointed at the translucent membrane wall on the pavilion’s interiors screening video images of Brazilian forests, rivers, urban centres, food and culture. Surround sound plays the relaxing sounds of Amazon and visitors wade through the refreshing pool of water to highlight one of the pavilion’s main themes – biodiversity.


About Brazil pavilion at Expo 2020

The Brazilian pavilion will be part of this last thematic axis, reaffirming the importance of biodiversity, culture of environmental preservation, competitiveness based on sustainability and the portrait of Brazilian multiculturalism.

Expo Dubai 2020 represents a singular moment of promotion of Brazilian diversity and an opportunity to tell the world of its unique features. The event is linked to the efforts of Apex-Brazil in the commercial promotion of agribusiness, innovative technologies, as well as the construction of an economically attractive country image and a natural destination for foreign investments. It will also contribute to reinforcing the regional, gastronomic and ethnic multiplicity and immigration diversity of Brazil.

Apex-Brazil is responsible for building the pavilion and organizing the Brazilian participation at Expo Dubai. In 2015, the agency organized the Brazilian participation at Expo Milano and, in 2010, at the Expo Shanghai.

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