Sweeten Your Suhour and Iftar with Pedalo’s New Flavors

Sweeten Your Suhour and Iftar with Pedalo’s New Flavors

Pedalo Gelato has launched some delightful new flavors that are guaranteed to add some sweetness to any Iftar and Suhour this Ramadan.

From the creaminess of Coffee to the smooth texture of Salted Caramel, the homegrown, authentic Italian gelato brand is showcasing its new flavors at the Ripe at Night market at Police Academy every weekend in April-May not to mention events across town including Persistence of Memory, a post-iftar program at ICD Brookfield Place.

Also on the menu is regionally-inspired Majlis (dates and gahwa) and other Pedalo favoritesincluding chocolate, vanilla, bubble gum, strawberry, and pistachio.

You can also order Pedalo exclusively on Deliveroo Editions. Prices start at AED 40 for a 350 ml tub of deliciousness!

Check out the Pedalo Instagram page for regular updates on https://www.instagram.com/pedalogelato/?hl=en


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