‘House of Wisdom Ramadaniyat’: Shopping, art, interactive workshops and lots more for visitors to enjoy

‘House of Wisdom Ramadaniyat’: Shopping, art, interactive workshops and lots more for visitors to enjoy

20 entrepreneurs take part in the first outdoor marketplace organised by the iconic cultural destination until April 24

For immediate release,
Sharjah, 16 April 2022,

With twinkling lanterns and tantalising aromas of food, bustling night markets are a staple of Ramadan festivities. The House of Wisdom (HoW) is celebrating this age-old cultural tradition with its own Ramadaniyat pop-up, the first-ever outdoor marketplace hosted by the iconic cultural centre, which runs for ten days until April 24. Offering visitors of all age groups a plethora of activities that bring together a unique shopping experience, arts and gastronomic delights, the free-to-enter ‘House of Wisdom Ramadaniyat’ is open from 8:30pm until 12 midnight. 

Elite shopping experience

Weaving through the crowds in HoW’s outdoor space between the main building and The Scroll Monument, visitors can browse among 20 vendor booths where a number of local entrepreneurs and SMEs are displaying an array of exclusive clothing and jewellery pieces by homegrown independent boutiques and designers, including high-end names such as Takara, Kamin, Gabi, Aeon Jewellery, and much more.

The event provides the entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to communicate with the public, as well as promote their products and highlight its cultural and artistic value, while enabling visitors to take home one-of-a-kind haute couture – everything from traditional and contemporary abayas, jalabiyas and kaftans to jewellery, perfume and children’s wear. 

Sights, sounds and smells

When the shopping spree builds up visitors’ appetite, they can follow the trail of delicious scents to three pop-up restaurant outlets located in the outdoor area, indulge in Mexican fusion cuisine from Senor Gonzales, enjoy a light meal at Late Lounge, or satisfy their sweet tooth at CAF Café.

For a break amid the hustle and bustle, visitors can stop by the glinting mirror installation set up along the water feature opposite The Scroll, the striking 36-metre-tall monument in front of the HoW building or explore the on-site art exhibition that enriches their experience of exploring the artistic aesthetics of the holy month tradition.

Little Reader’s Ramadaniyat

The event comprises the ‘Little Reader’s Ramadaniyat’, which offers parents the opportunity to register their kids and let them enjoy a workshop space and shopping area from 5pm – 12 midnight in HoW’s Little Reader children’s section, while parents can continue their shopping experience and participate in the activities held in the outdoor area.

The section is hosting a programme based on an international framework, spanning the areas of STEM, wellbeing, music, literature, art and identity. Highlighting the element of play in learning as well as social and emotional development, the programme helps the children build their cultural competence and life skills in addition to engaging in a variety of activities and experiences. As part of the workshop series, DIY kits that include craft tools, toys and products relevant to the blessed month of Ramadan, will be available for sale which participants can purchase and work on with the help of trained facilitators.

Families can treat their young ones to something special for Ramadan from one of the local vendors who have set up a shop in the Little Reader section. Akwan, an Arabic children’s store, is offering vibrantly illustrated books designed to help youth form a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the Arabic language while stimulating their imagination. Younger kids will be delighted by the brightly coloured early learning toys and products on sale from Luma, a children’s brand founded by two Emirati mothers to enhance children’s cognitive capabilities. 

More information about Ramadaniyat and HoW’s Ramadan programme is available on the official Instagram page: @sharjahhow.

The ‘House of Wisdom Ramadaniyat’ is part of the HoW’s on-going Ramadan programme in April, featuring creative and educational workshops and other activities dedicated for children and Youth to harness their leisure time during the Holy Month, nurture their knowledge on its cultural and religious values and enable them to experience its deeply rooted customs and traditions.


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