Spreading Cheer with The Little Things Toy Donation

Spreading Cheer with The Little Things Toy Donation

25 April 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: To commemorate Ramadan’s true spirit of giving, The Little Things partnered with the first residential non-profit care facility in the UAE, Senses Residential and Day Care, to distribute toys to children of determination on April 13th, 2022.

The event was held at Shake Shack at the Mercato Mall, and 25 children from the Senses Residential and Day Care Center received gift bags from The Little Things filled with some of their favorite toys such as action figures, and battery-powered vehicles, loom band kits, dolls, and Marvel toys.

This event was also supported by the gourmet chocolatier Paatchi and the children’s favorite toy store, Toys R Us.

Mr. Hassan Tamimi, CEO of The Little Things, said at the event, “The Little Things is committed to building partnerships with the local community, and community Iftars highlight the spirit of camaraderie and sharing that marks the Holy Month of Ramadan. Our initiative to provide children of determination with their favorite toys during this Iftar emphasizes our commitment to reaching out to all segments of society, particularly children. It has always been a tradition for The Little Things to share joy with the children during Ramadan. It is part of our commitment to making special-needs children happy.

The children were treated to a sumptuous Iftar courtesy of Shake Shack at Mercato Mall, as well as gifts and special arrangements by The Little Things to have some fun and put a smile on their faces.

About The Little Things

Little Things is a unique retail experience with its flagship store situated in The Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. The Little Things hosts a wide range of anime and superhero figures and figurines; Manga &comics; gaming consoles and accessories; model kits; trading card games; pop-culture associated merchandise and many more. All the products at Little Things, ranging from small collectibles & toys to larger-than-life statues & works of art, are fully licensed, imported, and original with many of these items being exclusive editions and limited in numbers. It also has an online store that offers free delivery anywhere within the United Arab Emirates. Besides its store at the Dubai Mall and the new store at Mercato Mall, Little Things also has an outlet at Bluewaters Island in Dubai. The company aims to expand its reach to different areas in Dubai, and the opening of the new store at Mercato Mall is the latest step in that direction. For more information, please visit https://littlethingsme.com/

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