Capturing the magic of midnight like never before: Evoke Midnight from Ajmal Perfumes

Capturing the magic of midnight like never before: Evoke Midnight from Ajmal Perfumes

26 April 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Not all perfumes are made equal. Not this one, the latest creation from Ajmal Perfumes, the regional leader in the art and craft of perfumery.

And it’s named Evoke Midnight for a reason. It’s a perfume as different from others as night is from day. The aura begins with the bottle itself. With each act of opening, you get closer and closer to the mesmerizing aroma that engulfs you in its fragrant embrace.

Evoke Midnight is further testimony that we take our craftsmanship seriously,” asserts Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes. “As a leading brand in the perfume space, we’re constantly innovating to cater to the trending tastes of today’s audiences. Evoke Midnight is the latest offering to unroll from our innovation labs.

For one, it’s manly to the core. The power, the machismo, the sheer irresistibility… It flows from the bottle like a mystique river. Each note is crafted to perfection and placed carefully in the hierarchy of sensations: Citrusy Fruity at the top with mandarin and raspberry. A heart worth its weight in gold that’s Floral Spicy with violet flower, cardamom, and saffron. All set on a Woody Musky base with patchouli, musk and tonka. The mystery is clear… Or not.

Perfumes are all about the people who wear them,” opines Abdulla Ajmal. “We’re extremely conscious of the needs of our customers and are always evolving new fragrance strategies to match their tastes. It’s how we understand and connect with our customers. I’m confident that Evoke Midnight will join the long list of our successful offerings, finding a place of prominence on dressing tables all over the region.”

Evoke Midnight, priced at AED 125 +VAT for a 90ml bottle, is available in-store and online: across the GCC.

About Ajmal Perfumes:

Inspired by the glorious Orient, Ajmal began its perfumery journey with the world’s oldest form of fragrances – Perfume oils. Over the last 71 years, Ajmal has created a unique niche in the world of perfumery in the Middle East, as Producers | Manufacturers | Retailers & Distributors. Ajmal offers a plethora of fine Western and Oriental fragrances and is renowned for its expertise in bringing the most exquisite Oudh and Oudh-related products. Ajmal’s retail presence spans 240 exclusive showrooms within the GCC and the world.

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