Lumenore partners with Apar Technologies to bolster its educational user base across APAC

Lumenore partners with Apar Technologies to bolster its educational user base across APAC

Using Lumenore’s BI, educational institutes to cut down reporting costs by 30% and improve their efficiency by 50%.

Dubai: April 27, 2022 — Lumenore, a powerful, intuitive, unified Business Intelligence and Analytics platform have partnered with Apar Technologies, a Singapore-based software services group that assists customers in developing best-in-class technology and business solutions.  This partnership will see Apar serve as an exclusive industry channel partner in the APAC region for Lumenore; together, the companies will focus on expanding Lumenore’s user base in the education sector.

Lumenore is conceptualized to make analytics simple, flexible, yet incredibly powerful. The platform’s unique features such as NLQ-powered conversational analytics (‘AskMe Anything’) and AI-recommended insights (Do you know) have helped enterprises across the globe streamline their operations and improve speed to insight across industries. Whereas, Apar offers a range of services, including technical support and tools for business transformation, managed services, data and analytics, and assistance with the establishment of development centres.

The educational sector in the APAC region is promising and has a variety of education providers, schools, colleges, universities, organizations, agencies, and businesses that operate under the government or private establishment. Under the agreement, Lumenore authorizes Apar Technology to purchase and/or license products and to grant access to resell them. As their strategic partner, the Apar team will be trained and certified to develop additional dashboards to work collaboratively. Through this partnership, Lumenore is expecting to add 10,000 more users within this year.

Speaking about the partnership Naren Vijay, EVP- Growth, Lumenore said,” At Lumenore, we have the expertise and have changed the way organizations of any size in any industry do things. Our business analytics have the power to be more agile and impactful. We are delighted to partner with Apar Technologies and believe that this partnership combines the strengths of both companies and will galvanize the education sector in the APAC region. Using Lumenore’s BI at educational institutes will allow administrators to have continual access to reports, meet reporting requirements faster and more efficiently, and foster a culture of accountability and data-driven decision-making.”

Sumit Shukla, Sr Vice President, Apar Technologies stated about the partnership, ” eLite Suite has been standing out in the Education Vertical due to its innovative approach to present better and cutting-edge technology solutions for better institute management. Lumenore’s partnership with eLite Suite from Apar will provide a complementary approach to the companies in the Education Vertical. These are exciting times and Educational Institutes have started realizing that Analytics is going to be necessary for them to plan their future actions. Also, with a proper analytical approach, we will now be able to define better Learning Paths for the students. There could be no better time or scenario for both the companies to establish a partnership that would be beneficial for all stakeholders in the system.”

Lumenore is making its entire dashboard and conversational analytics available to end-users to help them make better use of the data collected. The switch to Lumenore’s BI will help these organizations to reduce their overall reporting and dashboarding cost by 30% and improve the efficiency of their reporting operations by 50%.


About Lumenore

Lumenore helps businesses turn data into actionable business intelligence with the power of AI, natural language querying, and predictive analytics. With industry-specific solutions embedded in a powerful BI platform, Lumenore turns your raw data into accurate insights. Ensure seamless data integration, enable modern business storytelling, and encourage advanced insight discovery. Create an all-in-one data universe for effective decision-making across business functions with Lumenore. For more information, please visit –

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About Apar:

Apar Technologies is a Singapore headquartered software services group, a 15 years of trusted relationship company which focuses on niche technologies helping customers create best-in-class technology and business solutions. Apar engages with customers to innovate faster, collaborate better and deliver more value using flexible engagement models. Apar Technologies has 2400+ employees with 1,000+ satisfied customers. eLite suite of products is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Stack and uses its full underlying functionality for the development and implementation for our valued clients. For more information, please refer:

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