Eurovets Focuses on Skill Development for Veterinary Industry Professionals

Eurovets Focuses on Skill Development for Veterinary Industry Professionals

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, April 2022: Eurovets  a leading provider for all things veterinary / animals, has invested several hours in the first quarter of 2022 into learning and training programs that drives development at all levels and has played a key role in enabling the company’s overall growth. The company has hosted trainings in the first quarter in partnership with global super premium brands such as IDEXX, Karl Storz, Mindray, Calibra, and more. These training were designed to ensure that veterinarians, nurses, industry professionals and all other important stakeholders had access to some of the best practices and trends to enable their own personal and professional success.

Some of the best-in-class trainings held by Eurovets  included Endoscopic GI Foreign Body Removal: 100 years of collective experience, which focused on current best practices and emerging trends within the ever-expanding field; Understanding borderline kidney results and interpreting SDMA with use of recent case studies, Management of Allergies in Dogs and understanding the difference between food allergy and food intolerance, Biosecurity protocol for Avina and Exotics, Laparoscopic and Laparoscopic-Assisted Gastropexy for Today’s Modern Practitioner, Updates in Feline Infectious Disease and How should one approach atopic patient in the clinic and more.

 In addition, 13 educational online lectures from 10 renowned speakers across the world were organised to focus on different topics related to veterinary medicine, solutions, processes, etc.

Eurovets  also focused on some high-level training on Management of Allergies for veterinary practitioners, Tips & Tricks of Feeding Tubes – from Placement through to Feeding, Biosecurity Protocol and more. In the coming months, the company aims to shed light on practical aspects of antibody testing for vaccine-preventable disease in clinical practice, guidelines on how best to diagnose kidney disease in dogs and cats.

Eurovets  has been training veterinary professionals for over a decade. The focus on the development and advancement of industry professionals has enabled its steady growth which has led the company to experience greater business agility and resilience, higher productivity, and stronger standards of quality.

As one of the leading veterinary distributor and complete solution provider, Eurovets  strive to succeed through its commitment to excellence with innovation, superior product quality and cutting-edge training programs to transform the animal care segment in the UAE and beyond.


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