My Dream Came True, And So Can Yours, States Tara Shah Khan

An inspirational story to inspire you to take action and contribute to the Society

Tara Shah Khan, a social worker has been supporting the community since the pandemic hit, through varied charity initiatives.  Resting her faith in the Creator and with the support of Dubai Government and a few friends, she registered herself under Community Development Authority (CDA) as Magical Smiles UAE volunteering team. Since then she has ensured that she adheres to all the protocols and rules of government, and has been supporting the community with food and meals for blue collar workers.

Recently during Ramadan, she witnessed a dream where she was told to provide Iftar meals to the people who visit the Mosque. It had always been her dream to be able to serve the community at the Mosque, but due to safety protocols, she had not been able to extend her services there.

Gathering courage, she spoke about her dream to one of the Government officials Mr. Ahmed Salem Al Zaabi. To her surprise, he accepted to help her and spoke to his department to make this happen. That’s not all, they not only approved the distribution of the meals at the Mosque, but also arranged around 1000 meals on behalf of AKCAF Association.

This incident has not only reinforced her faith in the Creator and Dubai Government, but also made her confident that ‘Dreams Come True, If Your Intentions Are Right’.