How to make healthy food appeal to children? Celebrity chefs will guide the way at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2022

How to make healthy food appeal to children? Celebrity chefs will guide the way at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2022

Celebrity chefs and culinary innovators will deliver 30 live events, demonstrating their best recipes to SCRF audiences, May 11 – 22 in Expo Centre Sharjah  

Sharjah, May 5, 2022

Eight Arab and international chefs of global renown are gearing up to cook up a storm at the upcoming 13th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) in Expo Centre Sharjah.  

The participating culinary experts hail from different parts of the world, and will be sharing easy, delicious and healthy recipes through 30 live cooking demonstrations throughout the festival, which runs from May 11 – 22 carrying the theme ‘Create Creativity’.

Catering for children

Irish chef and author Ciara Attwell will be demonstrating healthy recipes from her food blog, ‘My Fussy Eater’, which aims to help parents introduce their young reluctant eaters to a more healthy and varied diet by putting fun back into mealtimes. One of the leading family food blogs in the UK and Ireland, 100 everyday recipes from ‘My Fussy Eater’ have been published in a best-selling cookbook with the same title.

Chef Dario Stephen, a children’s food expert and culinary instructor from Miami, Florida, will also be showcasing child-focused recipes at SCRF 2022. Skilled in cuisines from around the world, he is passionate about helping young ones express themselves creatively through cooking.

Contemporary takes on traditional cusine 

Chef Thabet, whose cookbook Sham Al-Aseel combines authenticity and modernity, will be showcasing his delicious Levantine recipes alongside celebrity chef, host and Malaysian media personality Anis Nabilah, the first Malaysian chef to appear in the ‘My Taste of Hong Kong’ (TLC Asia) and ‘Eating Wild’ (Asian Food Channel) dining travelogues. They will be joined by Egyptian chef Naglaa ElShershaby, presenter of the cookery show ‘Ala Ad El Eid’ with a devoted following of more than 1.5 million fans on Instagram.

Healthy eating begins at SCRF!

Also coming to SCRF 2022 regional television favourites chef Fatina Daher from Lebanon who hosts several cookery programmes on various Arab channels and networks, and renowned chef Nidal Al Braihi, whose TV programmes  have made him a household name in Jordan. 

Chef, author and international motivational speaker Sally Bee will be showcasing her culinary expertise and share the secrets behind her delicious and healthy dishes during the festival.


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