Explore 12 tech-themed workshops at 13th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

Explore 12 tech-themed workshops at 13th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

In-depth sessions will take place at the popular Social Media Station throughout the festival,

 running from May 11 – 12 at Expo Centre Sharjah

Sharjah, May 7, 2022

The ever-popular Social Media Station, a hit attraction every year at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), will make a comeback this edition with 12 in-depth workshops designed to equip children and adults alike with the skills to navigate the rapidly developing tech landscape.

The workshops are part of a comprehensive programme of more than 1,900 children- and youth-oriented activities at the 13th edition of SCRF, taking place over 12 days from May 11 – 22 at Expo Centre Sharjah and carrying the theme ‘Create Creativity’.

Hosted by 8 leading online influencers, the sessions cover everything from social media content creation and blockchain technology to computer programming and robotics.

The art of gathering the best out of social media

Targeted at children aged 10 – 15, who tend to be highly active on YouTube and Instagram, this workshop provides insights on how to responsibly follow accounts on social media. Participants will learn when to avoid hitting the ‘follow’ button and how to determine whether an account is trustworthy.

Create a Trend using your TikTok and Reels

Trends are constantly cropping up on TikTok and Instagram Reels. This workshop encourages youth to question the value of social media trends.

One-click away

Younger internet users will benefit from this workshop, which is designed to make social media more accessible and demonstrate that a single click can open up a new world.

Bullies and Hackers Detoxification

In this workshop, youth will learn how to keep their online accounts safe and maintain privacy independently of parental supervision. The session will also explore rules of etiquette when posting comments and strategies to tackle cyberbullying.


Participants of this workshop will be introduced to the intricate world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its importance in the field of design. A short talk will be followed by a hands-on session in which attendees will brainstorm designing and prototyping ideas and build gadgets of their own.

Maze Challenge Robot

On your mark, ready, set, go! Using supplied materials, build a robot race car powered by a mobile app remote control and then take part in a friendly race with fellow workshop attendees.

Videography for Social Media and Storytelling

This workshop sheds light on how videos are created and used to tell a story. Participants will have the opportunity to perform scenes in groups for a video and observe the process of putting them together for a social media post using specialised software.

Code with Social Media Sprites

Develop your coding skills to create a sprite, or animated character, based on the logo of your favourite social media platform in this expert-led workshop offered at SCRF.

Creative Content Creation

Participants of this session will hear from digital creator Mohamad Khalifa, who will discuss why he decided to embark on his content creation journey and the challenges he faced along the way.

It will also feature hands-on activities exploring various aspects of content creation, including editing apps, techniques for shooting with a mobile phone, and safety measures while setting up a social media account. An open discussion will provide a platform for the audience to ask questions and share thoughts about creative strategies, social media security, and social media facts and myths.

How to Become an NFT Artist?

Early education in virtual assets is essential as the world enters a future in which cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) dominate the economy. From creating a crypto wallet and designing a digital artwork to trading on the virtual marketplace, this workshop provides a step-by-step, accessible guide to minting NFTs.

Participants will be shown examples of NFT art, including photography, animations, videos, and works by digitally savvy youth to spark their inspiration. A mini drawing session will demonstrate the process of creating an artwork using the graphics editor app Procreate.  

Crypto Kids & NFTs

This workshop expands on the subject of NFTs, providing information about online marketplaces that are safe for children and how to use them. After being given examples of youth around the world who have used NFTs for good, participants will be asked to think about a cause they want to support with the money they make with the virtual assets.

There will also be a demonstration of how to create a digital artwork using Canva or PowerPoint, or by clicking pictures around the venue to make a collage-style piece. Laptops or tablets are required.

Artificial Intelligence & Programming

A crash course in computer languages, this workshop delves into the history of coding and programming as well as their various uses including mobile and web applications. The session will turn the spotlight on artificial intelligence, the impact it will have on everyday life and its role in cloud computing. At the end of the session, a step-by-step tutorial will prepare participants for the journey to becoming a programmer.


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