Esaal wins Health 2.0 Conference ‘Best Companies’ award for excelling in global healthcare services

Esaal wins Health 2.0 Conference ‘Best Companies’ award for excelling in global healthcare services

A recognition that reinforces the platform’s status as one of the global MedTech leaders

May 08, 2022

Esaal, an online consultancy platform for physical and mental health consultations in MENA, has received the ‘Best Companies’ award at the Health 2.0 Conference, which was held in Dubai, UAE. The award comes in recognition of the platform’s significant contributions in the field of health and wellness, and was received by Mr. Fadi Doss, CEO of Esaal.

Fadi said: “I am honoured to be a part of an organisation committed to improving the lives of people. This is a proud moment for Esaal, and I would like to thank each team member for their contributions in building a robust MedTech system. It has been our collective goal to provide users with services that benefit them, by connecting them with experts from different fields, through a unique and simple user experience that maintains privacy, while ensuring credible and professional answers regarding physical and mental wellbeing.”

The Health 2.0 Conference, which brought together some of the most renowned experts from various specialties and showcases the latest developments in the healthcare sector, awarded Esaal for its remarkable achievements in the health and wellness sectors. The online consultation portal allows users to connect with certified experts in a variety of fields and seek answers to their concerns through its user-friendly interface. Esaal, which is now available in Arabic and English, to serve a wider range of audience, has emerged as a platform for personalised follow-ups and on-spot consultation features that match the needs of the individuals, leveraging a network of medical experts and specialists who are quick to respond and assist users.

In addition, Fadi was one of the keynote speakers in a panel discussion that focused on the innovation, acceleration, and transformation occurring globally in the MedTech industry as a result of the pandemic, and its diverse effects. His discussion addressed key developments that would drive the MedTech industry forward in the post-pandemic era.

“I thank the forum for providing me with an opportunity to discuss the innovation, acceleration, and transformation within the MedTech industry, as well as its diverse effects on healthcare services. The accelerated shift towards personalised treatment, digital capabilities that enable customers to interact with companies, and digital systems that enable rapid product development, highlights the thriving nature of healthcare innovation and the widespread adoption of technologies across the sector, following the pandemic. At Esaal, we look forward to contributing to this shift with our advanced patient-centric offerings,” Fadi added.

Esaal has been active in the market for over three years and has provided 24/7 access to certified experts in different fields to more than 800,000 users. The platform operates in 7 countries – Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and more – further aiming to serve more parts of the world.


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