Lumenore appoints a new EMEA sales director

Lumenore appoints a new EMEA sales director

Simon Karacinski has versatile experience in the technology spectrum to lead the company’s regional expansion and growth.

Dubai: May 10, 2022—Lumenore, a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics solutions provider, announced that it had appointed a new EMEA Sales Director to lead the expansion and growth of the company in the region through increased client acquisitions.

In a statement, Lumenore said that Simon Karacinski, who will now lead the EMEA sales team, comes from a versatile background of expertise and experience across the technology spectrum.

“With our intuitive AI-powered advanced analytics and BI solutions, Lumenore has firmly established itself as a highly competitive business intelligence platform that delivers organizational intelligence by sifting data from any business application. We specialize in driving business growth and team productivity with the help of actionable insights. Lumenore delivers a seamless experience to the entire team, which helps them derive insights from raw data and have a transparent view of its operations. Simon’s experience and expertise add further value to our overall brand.” said Anurag Shrivastava, Lumenore Founder, and CEO.

He added, “I am particularly pleased with Simon taking on this role because he is extremely knowledgeable in the area of data-driven decision-making through enterprise process automation. But, most importantly, he understands the business and the strategic challenges ahead to ensure smooth execution of our future projects and expansion plans in the EMEA region.”

Naren Vijay, Executive Vice-President – Growth, Lumenore, said, “We have an aggressive and ambitious expansion plan for Lumenore in different markets worldwide. Hiring Simon to lead our EMEA sales team was the first step in putting that plan into action. With Simon in the team, we are confident that we are on our way to successfully implementing our strategy and driving growth through current and future projects.”

Simon started his career in the UK in 2007, working for one of the leading B2B IT/Technology telemarketing companies with clients across the technology spectrum. He has been lauded as one of the top salespersons in the industry, and he boasts a vast repertoire of experience that spans from hardware to software and from blue-chip vendors to tech start-ups.

“With the rise in demand for data analytics, BI, and automation in the region, Lumenore has a robust market to engage, and I plan to help the company make further strategic inroads into the market. In addition, the pandemic has also further reinforced the relevance of AI solutions in business expansion powered by critical data, which will catalyse Lumenore’s growth,” said Simon.

At Lumenore, Simon’s role will be to execute the EMEA GTM strategy, build a team and an enterprise channel, and drive growth through new business and existing customers.

Simon moved to Dubai in 2014 and joined K2 Middle East, the global enterprise digital process automation vendor under the Nintex umbrella. Engaging with a broad range of enterprise customers, prospects, and partners, Simon successfully developed his regional knowledge and experience in the enterprise sector.

After a brief stint at Kissflow as MEA Regional Sales Manager, Simon has now side-stepped from enterprise process automation into analytics, bringing years of regional experience and knowledge.

Lumenore provides an all-in-one data analytics platform to its clients with a low acquisition cost thanks to its cloud-based strategic solutions. In addition, the company offers no-code solutions to businesses and helps companies focus on core business without investing in a data analytics infrastructure.

About Lumenore (

Lumenore develops and markets advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions delivered through an intuitive, AI-powered platform. Lumenore’s solutions enable organizations to build their entire data universe as well as automate and optimize organizational decision-making. Lumenore utilizes a common dataset to feed its powerful platform to visualize, analyze, actionize, as well as monetize business operations.

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