Backbase Middle East awarded “Digital Banking Provider Of The Year” at MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit and Awards 2022

Backbase, the leading Engagement Banking platform provider, was awarded ‘Digital Banking Provider of the Year’ at the MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit and Awards 2022. The award recognizes Backbase’s customer-centric approach to innovating and curating products and services that are uniquely different and distinctively valuable. 

Backbase supports financial institution leaders to explore the power of engagement banking by re-architecting banking around their customers, all on a unified platform that transforms their services into seamless journeys.

Backbase empowers banks and financial institutions to take full control of customer engagement across their entire financial life cycle. Recognizing that customers today have gone digital, and are expecting personalized and seamless experiences at every step of their journey, Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform delivers ready-to-go capabilities that orchestrate the customer’s entire journey, across multiple devices and touchpoints.

“We are honored to receive this recognition by the panel of experts at MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit and Awards. This award is testament to our commitment to empower banks in the region with high-quality services while accelerating the shift to engagement banking, and managing their journeys across the digital spectrum,” said Saqib Khan, Head of Middle East at Backbase. “Our focus continues to be on powering the digital capabilities of banks in the region and helping them create the most satisfying customer experiences,” he added.

The MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit & Awards 2022 gathered regional banking leaders in a series of panel debates to discuss challenges the region faces as it shifts towards establishing digital, future-focused banks.

Backbase’s front-runner position is recognized by industry analysts IDC, Forrester, Ovum and Celent, trusted by over 150 financial institutions across the world including, Banque Saudi Fransi, National Bank of Bahrain, Ila Bank, Kuwait International Bank, RBC, Société Générale, Barclays, Bank ABC, BNP Paribas, Capital Bank of Jordan, Citibank, Citizens Bank, Deutsche Bank, Discovery Bank and more.

About Backbase

Backbase is on a mission to re-architect banking around the customer.

We created the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform – a unified platform with the customer at the center, helping banks orchestrate seamless journeys across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Industry analysts Forrester, Gartner, Celent and IDC continuously recognize Backbase’s category leadership position. Over 150 financials around the world have embraced the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform – including Banque Saudi Fransi, National Bank of Bahrain, Ila Bank, Kuwait International Bank, AIB, Barclays, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Citizens Bank, CheBanca!, Discovery Bank, Greater Bank, HDFC, IDFC First, KeyBank, Lloyds Banking Group, Navy Federal Credit Union, PostFinance, RBC, Société Générale, TPBank, Vantage Bank Texas, Westpac, and Wildfire Credit Union.

Backbase is a privately funded fintech company, founded in 2003 in Amsterdam (global HQ), with regional offices in Atlanta (Americas HQ), New York, Boise, Mexico City, Toronto, London, Cardiff, Dubai, Kraków, Singapore, Sydney, Australia and Tokyo.