Legendary Actor Kamal Hassan in town to promote his latest Action Thriller, Vikram.

Legendary Actor Kamal Hassan in town to promote his latest Action Thriller, Vikram.

The veteran superstar was down in Dubai for an exclusive press conference at Reel cinemas in anticipation of his new movie.

Dubai, Wednesday, 1st June, 2022

Celebrated actor, writer, director, lyricist and producer, Kamal Hassan was in town today to kick off promotions for his forthcoming Tamil Action film, Vikram.

The movie, produced by Hassan’s production house, Raaj Kamal Films is a welcome return to form for the famed actor following a 4 year hiatus, and stars a trinity of some of the biggest names in South Indian Cinema.

The cast includes superstars Vijay Sethupati and Fahadh Faasil, with Hassan in the lead.  

Addressing a room full of key media, influencers and die-hard fans, Mr. Hassan talked at length about his new project, and the excitement surrounding it.

First lauding the incredible rise of South indian films and the technical achievements they’ve been able to accomplish thanks to global access to some of the best equipment and crew. 

There is a discernible difference nowadays in the quality of our films, thanks to all of this incredible technology. I could never imagine any of this 15 years ago when I was directing my film.exclaimed the star. 

Moreover, the actor discussed the movie’s exciting foray into the met-averse (an industry first) by launching an exclusive Vikram NFT at the prestigious Cannes Film festival earlier this week. 

Hassan then praised the supporting cast of the movie, the grey nature of its characters and the importance of having a great villain to anchor in truly compelling cinema. 

Lastly, when asked about the dramatic shift in the industry, with more and more movies moving to OTT Platforms, the celebrated auteur praised the direction. 

The rules have changed. Films no longer need to be formulaic anymore and play to industry norms because the economics of the movie landscape are so dramatically different. Its a level playing field now, where the viewers role is so much more significant.” 

Vikram is slated to release on the 3rd of June in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi at Reel Cinemas nation wide.

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