Jawhara Jewellery, the Emirati male company in the world of jewellery, announced the opening of its new store in Mazyad Mall Abu Dhabi

The store was inaugurated by Muhammad Tamjid Abdullah, Deputy CEO of Jawhara Jewellery, who stated on this occasion:

“Jawhara Jewellery comes to you from the heart of Mazyad Mall in Abu Dhabi, with heavy treasures crafted by the hands of professionals, for all your occasions and important appointments. Standards of quality and perfection, so that its customers shine wherever they go with authentic luxury.”

The new store is distinguished by its luxurious and distinctive design that reflects the character of Jawhara Jewellery with a simple exterior design, yet it reflects the well-known elegance of Jawhara Jewellery, and a distinctive modern design with a heritage touch that reflects the legacy of this brand that extends for more than 100 years.

Jawhara Jewellery has gained wide fame in the region by offering unique and innovative designs of jewellery and enhancing the customer service experience and increasing its presence in the region. Where Jawhara’s designs are characterized by breath-taking and modern beauty mixed with the fragrant heritage and modernity to suit all occasions, ages and different tastes, in addition to many designs from leading international brands.

240 stores of Jawhara Jewellery are currently located in the Gulf Region (UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman), Egypt, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Lebanon and

For more information, please visit: https://www.jawharajewellery.com/ or follow Jawhara jewellery channels on social media: Facebook and Instagram – @jawharajewellery