UAE-IL tech zone to bring Unicorns and growth stage startups to the UAE

UAE-IL tech zone to bring Unicorns and growth stage startups to the UAE

Dubai – June 14th, 2022: A group of nascent Israeli companies representatives have arrived in the UAE on a visit, organized by UAE-IL tech zone, a non-profit organization; the newly established Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, in association with Start – Up Nation Central, a new organization promoting Israeli innovation internationally.
Attended by Israeli Ambassador in the UAE, His Excellency Amir Hayek, Noa Gastfreund , Founding Partner of UAE-IL tech zone, and Michel ARDITTI, CEO of SCS World, a press conference was held yesterday on this occasion

UAE-IL tech zone, the non-profit that builds bridges between the Emirati and Israeli tech ecosystems, is bringing a delegation of unicorn and late-stage startups to the UAE June 13-16. In partnership with Start-Up Nation Central, a philanthropic organization that promotes Israeli innovation on the global stage, and the UAE’s newly established Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the delegation will focus on the FinTech, ClimateTech, and HealthTech sectors,(which are key) to the UAE’s tech development strategy and (in line) with the country’s 2030 vision.

During four days, Israel’s best of breed startups will explore the UAE market, both meeting public and private stakeholders, shaping the country’s innovation scene through growth opportunities, talent solutions or investments.

“Since the signing of the accords, a considerable number of Israelis came to the UAE, with Expo as a focal point of discovery. We feel interest is very high on both sides, and sometimes entities need a hand to navigate through a new culture and ecosystem. This is why we are here: to make sure anyone slightly interested in the myriad of opportunities these accords created, have a partner from start to finish to develop mutually beneficial business and relationships between the UAE and Israel. Both our countries are small yet dynamic, this is why I firmly believe joining forces can only create life changing paradigms for our region” said Noa Gastfreund, UAE-IL tech zone’s co-founder.

Mohamed Al Qassim, Director of the Department of Technology Adoption and Development at Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology said: “We are extremely excited to welcome Israel’s leading start-ups to the UAE to showcase the strategic advantages and partnership opportunities available in our industrial and technological ecosystem. In line with the objectives of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, the UAE is committed to developing a world-class environment for emerging technologies and the industries of the future, and we are confident we offer the right platform for Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators to scale their businesses – particularly in the fin-tech, sustainability and health-tech sectors.”

He added: “Following the Abraham Accords, and with the signed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, there is unlimited scope for collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing between Israeli and Emirati tech companies. The UAE-IL tech zone is the ultimate embodiment of this shared vision and I look forward to seeing Israeli start-ups exploring the dynamic growth and investment potential we offer.”

For over a year, the organization, also supported by LA Innovation labs, an israeli based company facilitating US market pénétration for startup, has developed ties with partners in both the UAE and Israel such as MOIAT and Startup Nation Central, gathering an eclectic and senior board of advisors  Ahmed Al Nowais, CEO of Annex Investments, Tally Zingher, CEO of Blue Laurel, Michel Adritti, CEO of SCS services, Prof. Jake Cohen of MIT). Within a year, the organization gathered over 3000 members and followers on social media, took two delegations to the UAE and organized 12 virtual events around hot tech and innovation topics. The co-founder pursues: “we believe this is the right time to facilitate collaborations as both sides show readiness. We identified mutual interest for win-win partnerships and we see the demand is high from both Emirati entities and Israeli startups”.

Yariv Becher, VP of Innovation Diplomacy at Start-Up Nation Central adds: “Start-Up Nation Central is proud to be part of the UAE-IL Tech Zone’s continuing efforts to bring together the best of the Israeli and Emirati innovation ecosystems. We are confident that the first-rate Israeli companies that make up the delegation will be trailblazers in generating mutually beneficial business opportunities and provide a model for many others to follow. We believe that innovation can cement people-to-people ties while creating opportunities for prosperity and overcoming challenges faced by both nations”.

The human sized-delegation (only 11 companies) will not only explore the UAE market but identify realistic synergies including creating R&D centres. Kept tight-knit on purpose, UAE-IL tech zone’s DNA is based on a people-to-people approach, embedded in every aspect of the organization’s activities.  A vision also shared by local partner SCS services who has been operating in the region for over ten years in litigation and conflict resolution “Our experience has shown that long term business success – especially in this region – is based on identifying shared values and a shared vision. It is about developing deep trust through mutual cultural sensitivity, collaboration and genuine partnership. We are delighted to partner with UAE-IL tech zone, whose philosophy is aligned with ours, and who places high emphasis on long term mutually beneficial relationships” said Michel Arditti, CEO of SCS World.

A mix of business and cultural exchanges, this will sign the beginning of a long term partnership between the UAE and Israel’s best minds and wills. More unique projects are set to take place in the UAE but also in Israel, where an Emirati delegation will be received in Israel before the end of the year to explore the tech ecosystem from within. The creation of sub-communities for VIP individuals will soon be announced as well as a number of activities, as the tech zone grows with the market.

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