Abu Dhabi-born ‘ImInclusive’ aims to place over 100 People of Determination ….

Abu Dhabi-born ‘ImInclusive’ aims to place over 100 People of Determination across the region in equal-paying and progressive jobs in 2022

Celebrates ground-breaking success story of Inclusive Employment with several placements across large companies in MENA

23rd June 2022, Abu Dhabi UAE: With the aim to prepare People of Determination (POD) and employers, to build successful career journeys together, ImInclusive, MENA’s first digital hub of inclusion connecting POD to inclusive employers and opportunities, is inviting candidates and employers across the MENA region to register with them. With a database of over 600 candidates already from the region, ImInclusive caters to the upskilling, interview preparations, and learning pathways for People of Determination at no cost to them.

Their regular CV Clinics help job seekers upgrade their resume and make it application ready while the support group sessions named, ‘Learn and Lead’ provide guidance and networking opportunities for individuals to share different perspectives from lived experiences with each other.

With a mighty, inclusive team, the powerhouse employment solution is building a world where accessibility and disability inclusion is no longer an afterthought. Gaining recognition from top employers in the retail, finance, healthcare, creative, hospitality, and technology sectors, ImInclusive provides complete inclusive recruitment solutions for all employers across MENA, regardless of the stage of their disability inclusion journey: beginner or advanced, if they’re open to including People of Determination in the workforce.

Candidates enroll on self-paced training or tailor-built mentorship to gain placements in different roles such as Retail, Fashion, Beauty, Medical Field, Office, HouseKeeping, Concierge, F&B, Admin, IT, Graphic Designing, Photography, Entrepreneurship, amongst many others. Whereas, post-pandemic, several employers now hire via Hybrid models, including WFH and on-site combined.

Since its incubation at the Ma’an Incubator of Abu Dhabi in 2019, ImInclusive has achieved ground-breaking milestones in the UAE towards inclusive employment. Launching the first-ever app for inclusion and employment of People of Determination in 2021, the tech-centred social enterprise’s team has trained some of the region’s largest companies to provide equal-paying, progressive jobs to People of Determination. In 2022, ImInclusive has been awarded the 1st prize at the 2022 C3 I.D.E.A Accelerator – powered by Accenture. With the support of C3 – Companies Creating Change and the region’s most influential companies, the program focuses on startups working in the space of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access.

Hafsa Qadeer, Founder and CEO of ImInclusivesays, “We provide employers and candidates both, with learning, development, capacity building, employment, and workplace accessibility. We have a tunnel-vision focus on providing as many people with disabilities inclusive jobs and opportunities as possible, and for this year alone, we are working towards achieving our target of 100 People of Determination hired through ImInclusive”.

Sharing further, Qadeer states, “It has been a journey of sheer resilience, persistence and determination to bring the vision of ImInclusive to life. What began with my brother and me in Abu Dhabi has touched the hearts of thousands of people today. ImInclusive will continue to push through any barriers: we are present as proof that when there is a will, there is a way. Our solution is effective because we have People of Determination, as a majority of our core team.”

In 2022, ImInclusive added Comply POD, the world’s first-of-its-kind, revolutionary accessibility technology, to its product portfolio in MENA to empower employers to build more inclusive workplaces by utilizing proptech for accessibility in all types of spaces and buildings. With People of Determination and Employers now able to find solutions to inclusive employment at their fingertips, ImInclusive’s goal is to create an abundance of jobs for inclusive talent in MENA and provide extensive, inclusive employment readiness to companies.

About ImInclusive

Founded by social entrepreneur Hafsa Qadeer in April of 2019, ImInclusive is an initiative that evolved into MENA’s most powerful, first-of-its-kind, tech-centered social enterprise connecting people with disabilities (People of Determination) to inclusive employers. ImInclusive was incubated with Ma’an Abu Dhabi, Authority of Social Contribution, and provides a solution that impacts 15% of the world population. The Founder was deeply impacted by the journey of her brother, Ahmed Qadeer who is a talented person with disability, living with spina bifida, and she began ImInclusive in Abu Dhabi with him. Including winning the C3, Companies Creating Change, Accelerator 1st prize for social enterprise in the space of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (I.D.E.A) in MENA 2022, ImInclusive has secured numerous achievements in its journey. With a mighty, inclusive team, the powerhouse employment solution is building a world where accessibility and disability inclusion is no longer an afterthought. 


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