Toying Around – Kookyloos and T-Racers Debuts at the Summer Toy Festival

Toying Around – Kookyloos and T-Racers Debuts at the Summer Toy Festival

 Kookyloos and T-Racers showed off killer new collectibles before the show even started

 22 July 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:The renowned Magic Box line of Kookyloos and T-Racers toys debuted a collection of 12 Kookyloos Express Yourself dolls for girls and T-Racers interchangeable vehicle concepts for boys at the Summer Toy Festival in Jeddah from May 17 to 23. The event, held at the Jeddah Superdome, featured world-class live shows based on iconic characters.

The Summer Toy Festival is one of the largest toy festivals in Jeddah and the world, with over 40 international toy brands and over 25 activation corners under one roof.

Magic Box International, also known as Magic Box Toys is a publisher and manufacturer of children’s collectible products. Magic Box International, founded in the early 1990s and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, has become a brand name recognized by children throughout Europe and, increasingly, in markets around the world, with five different brands catering to different age groups under its umbrella.The company that created GoGo Crazy Bones, Zomlings, and the first Spice Girls photo album has a proven track record of creating trends and inventing new concepts.

Magic Box is constantly striving to bring fans imaginative new ways to extend and celebrate Kooky Loos and T-Racers’ most iconic characters. The Kookyloos and T-Racers’ toy lines are a passion project for us. We’re all huge fans of the collectibles, so launching them at the Jeddah Summer Toy Festival seemed like a natural fitsaid YamanIdlbi, Commercial Director of Jazeel Distribution.

Jazeel Distribution will soon distribute the Kookyloos and T-Racers toy lines through their retail partners in UAE and GCC.

About Magic Box

Magic Box Toys is a toy and entertainment company. Our products are filled with imagination and surprise. We are proud of the excitement we bring to kids through our brands. We love the challenge of creating innovative new products that entertain kids worldwide. Magic Box’s iconic brands include Gogo’s Crazy Bones, Zomlings, SuperThings and much more to come. Since its inception in 1996, we are committed to creating memorable experiences through our products. This is where your work can put a smile on kids faces all around the world.

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