Exclusive Interview with Mr.Muhammad Yusuf UAE based Licensed Blogger

UAE based- Licensed Blogger Muhammad Yusuf shares his experience of the blogging world

If you’re on Instagram, you probably know Muhammad Yusuf. 2022 is truly the age of the influencer and Muhammad Yusuf is owning it like nobody’s business with a following of 37k+ followers on Instagram. He is now known as the Licensed blogger of the United Arab Emirates 

Who is Muhammad Yusuf? Tell me something about yourself.

A frequently asked question to each one of us, Though, it is quite hard to tell about our self, but still telling few lines about me so, I feel that I am just a tiny part of this entire world that is filled with wonderful creatures and awesome brains around. Everybody knows that there is no one perfect in this whole world so am I. I am not perfect but I always try to make my things and work perfect just by putting my efforts and creative ideas in it. Talking about my strength so my strength is my Allah with his blessings I can do anything and can achieve everything in my life and my weakness are my parents and my little niece Benazeer Amir without there support I cant do anything. People usually say a word Mumma’s Boy and yeah I m proud to say that yes I m a mumma’s boy. I am very much Foodie and a social media person as well. So bbasically I m a open book with some blank pages which I have to write and create in the upcoming years of my life.

When you decided you want to be a Social Media Influencer?

In the year 2019 when I entered Dubai, as a Public Relation Executive in a Media PR Agency, that time I came across to many of the fellow bloggers, who inspired me to start blogging. The biggest support came from my family and my friends, who supported me a lot. I still remember that time i was not aware of Dubai Market things but I learnt a lot from my bloggers friends, who supported me throughout my starting blogging phase.

What attracted you to be a influencer?

The best part about being on a social platform here is that I can collaborate with people from different nationalities! Everyone has something unique to offer and I can learn so much from each and everyone. I get to discover so many tips and tricks to create content through my collaborations. And a big thanks to all the brands who supported me and gave me a chance for working with them.

What is the main focus of your Instagram page?

Well! By birth you can say I am a foodie, so if started my page from food blogging only, personally I love to eat and cook as well. But slowly I got few lifestyle collaborations as well. Allhamdolillah I worked with 80+ brands in the UAE, to promote their business through my Instagram.

When you decided to take the licence for blogging? How do you manage blogging with your 9 to 5 job?

I was doing blogging from past 3 years, one day my sister and brother in law told me to do it officially by taking a licence. They were damn supportive from the start of my blogging journey and even still they are always at my back when I need them. That day I decided to take a licence and Allhamdolillah I got it. Moving forward about my job, so yes I am working as a Media PR Professional in a Media PR agency, but I am glad to say that my employer is very supportive. He believes in me and asked me to do blogging stuff after job. So these two are totally different things and the main thing is to manage the time, obviously its the blessing from Allah Watabarukotala that if am able to do these two things together with success.

Any future plans in blogging?

Well! Yes my future plans is to support the newly start-up businesses in the UAE, with zero charges. I wont be taking any money for it.

Any message you want to give to your followers?

Well! I don’t even have words to thank my followers for the tremendous support they are giving to me throughout. I am doing this blogging only for you guys to get engaged with you. What i am today is just because of you guys.

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