Highly Efficient and Cost-Effective Air Conditioning Solutions for Business Facilities 

DUBAI, August 10, 2022 –Every facility requires reliable and energy efficient air conditioning solutions that are convenient to maintain and easy to integrate into the interior. Whether it is an office, hotel, retail, or hospital, LG Electronics (LG) offers the best HVAC solutions to suit the needs of any business from single units for small and medium-sized business spaces to integrated solutions for high rise buildings.

Cost Effective Powerful LG VRF System for High-Rise Buildings

LG (VRF) Multi V 5 providesmaximum energy efficiency and minimizes operational costs. It is among the most versatile and powerful integrated air conditioning solutions. The Dual Sensing Control feature allows this HVAC unit to detect both humidity and temperature to ensure comfortable and cost-effective cooling and heating performance. Powered by other innovative technologies such as Smart Load Control, Comfort Cooling and Enhanced Heating, the LG Multi V 5 provides ultimate efficiency without stopping in between operations.Additionally, the single outdoor unit provides large capacity up to 22HP, minimizing installation area and decreasing total installed weights for a flexible use of floor space.This allows the LG Multi V 5 to be the optimal solution for hospitals, education facilities, offices, accommodations and airports.

Efficient Cooling, Energy-Saving LG Inverter Ducted Split

LG Inverter Ducted Split is designed to provide optimal temperature control and at the same time optimize energy consumption. This HVAC unit is equipped with LG Inverter Compressor, which ensures high energy savings and enhances its durability and reliability. It adjusts the output according to the outside temperatures, thus offering maximum energy efficiency. Moreover, LG Inverter Ducted split is equipped with Safe-Plus Insulation*, an anti-microbial treatment applied to the internal components of the indoor unit to prevent the growth of mold. This allows the Inverter Ducted Split to deliver a cleaner, healthier airflow and ensure pleasant cooling environment in any business space.


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* Product feature is available in selected models only

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About LG Electronics Air Solution Business Unit 

LG Electronics’ Air Solution Business Unit is a global leader in HVAC and energy solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of proven expertise and performance. Launching Korea’s first residential air conditioner in 1968, LG has paved the way for total HVAC solutions over the last five decades through strategic utilization of advanced technologies. With a well-established production base and industry-leading capacity, the company provides effective HVAC solutions for both the commercial and residential sectors. Its wide range of cutting-edge systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning truly represent LG’s initiative in offering the most optimized solutions for a variety of uses. Pursuant to its mission of “Innovation for a Better Life,” the company offers solutions boasting high energy efficiency and reliability based on its state-of-the-art knowhow and technologies to ensure the most optimal environment for users. For more information, please visit www.LG.com.

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