CUD Professor receives Outstanding Leadership in Education Award

Honor conferred by US educators’ association in New York

23 August 2022, Dubai, UAE:Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Professor and Associate Dean, Dr. Rommel Sergio, has received the award for Outstanding Leadership in Education fromUS-based association,the United Federation of Filipino-American Educators (UNIFFIED).The honor was presented to Dr. Sergio at a recent Gala and Awards Night hosted in New York, USA, attended by more than 200 educators from the US, Philippines, and the Middle East.

One of the highest accolades conferred by UNIFFIED, the Outstanding Leadership in Education Award recognizes excellence in teaching, research, community engagement, and administration.With 30 US-based Chapters and 60 Chapters globally based in Asia, UNIFFIED is among the biggest educators’ associations in the States.Its central office is based in New Jersey,operating under the banner “Lead -Serve – Innovate”.

The awards event was staged as part of the 2022 Multidisciplinary Research International Conference hosted by UNIFFIED’s New York chapter. Dr. Sergio was among the speakers at the Conference, which was themed“Voice and Choice: Inspired Educators and Empowered Learners.”

Sharing his insights on the subject “Mixed Methods: Educators’ Toolbox in the 21st Century” Dr. Sergio commented, “It is always exciting to interact with educators from different parts of the globe and share research competencies through a platform that can provide new opportunities for collaboration.”

Whilst in New York, Dr. Sergio also marked another milestone,attending two signing events for his best-selling book, “Management Cases: Thriving Organizations in the New Normal” at The Oculus and the United Federation of Teachers’ Building in Manhattan, New York.The proceeds from the book go to the Dr. Rommel Scholarship Program in the Philippines,whichprovides financial support for underprivileged college students.

Reflecting on the events, Dr. Sergio said, “Rewarding as it gets, having signed multiple copies of my book for educators from the US and other Asian communities makes me want to do more for the benefit of the community I serve.”

Dr. Sergio’s latest award for exceptional service and leadership in academia and the community follows several other accolades he has received in recent years. Last month, Dr. Sergio was recognized for his outstanding contribution to social causes with the Global Excellence in Community Impact Award conferred by HR Success Talk. 

Speaking about his motivation to serve, Dr. Sergio concluded,“With an aimto educate young minds so that they can eventually transform lives, it is imperative to deliver excellence in teaching, research, and community service. Only then does our purpose as educators become meaningful for the generation of today to emulate.” 

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