* Radiology monitors and ultrasound devices are undergoing final stage testing in hospitals in the UAE and Iraq as Hisense looks to strengthen its position within healthcaremarket

Dubai, UAE– 23 August 2022:Following the recent launch of Hisense’s 55-inch endoscopic monitor during MENA Hospitals Forum, the global electronics and whitegoods manufacturerhas confirmed its radiology monitors and ultrasound devices are now undergoing final stage testing in hospitals in both theUAE and Iraq.

Entering the medical and healthcare industry this year, Hisense – already renowned for its high-quality Laser TVs, refrigerators, and mobile phones – is introducing imaging platforms that provide medical practitioners more accuracythrough the use of 4k ultra high-definition resolution and state of the art connectivity in endoscope / surgery monitors.Its diagnostic monitors are currently in the final stages of testing at Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE, whileits ultrasound devices are being tested at Medicano Hospital in Erbil, Iraq.

“This is the first year Hisense hasentered into the Middle East’s healthcare industry, so it is crucial for us to lay asolid foundation to demonstrate our professionalism and ensure credibility,” said PorusSheriar, Regional Sales Director of Hisense Medical Systems, MENA.  “In order to penetrate the market and make a qualitative contribution in improving diagnostics and surgeries, we are preparing to releasehigh-definition monitors with amazing clarity that willenhance the manner in which medics operate.”

Hisense’s long-term goal within the healthcare industry is toprovide technology that easesthe lives of medical professionals and contributes to better patient outcomes.To achieve this, the companyis in the process of appointing distributors across markets, securing regulatory approvals, and introducing products in phases across the region.Hisense is working towards achieving a business target for both ultrasound devices and monitors at a highachievement level.

“With the market being saturated with ultrasound devices predominantly from Europe, USA, South Korea and China, Hisense needs to find its rightful place,” added Sheriar. “Some of the established brands have been in the business for more than 100 years, innovating and investing. We believe our R&D and manufacturing are working tirelessly to bring in innovation and ensure that Hisense becomes a relevant player in this crowded space in the next few years.”

An official sponsor of this year’s FIFA World Cup 2022TM, Hisense will be displaying multiple new technologies not only in B2B segment but also B2C. Launched in the region in 2012, the company now has operations across 13countries, including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Jordan. 



Founded in 1969, Hisense is a global leader in multimedia TV, Home Appliances & IT intelligent information. Hisense has recently entered the Healthcare Industry as part of its growing B2B portfolio. The company is headquartered in Qingdao, China.

Apart from the Hisense brand name, the company owns and has acquired many known brands including Toshiba, Gorenje, Kelon, Ronshen, ASKO, Hitachi, Sanden, York VRF and VIDAA. It has a workforce of over 90,000 with 20 R&D centres, 29 industrial parks worldwide and 38 overseas companies spread across the globe.

With the core values of ‘integrity, innovation, customer focus and sustainability’ and the development strategy of ‘Sound Technological Foundation and Robust Operation’, the brand has delivered supreme quality products, excellent after-sales and customer services for over 50 years.

For Television, the company owns the world’s leading ULED Local Dimming technology, Laser display technology and continues in developing 8K ultra-high-definition display image quality processing chips, AI chips & more. The brand has acquired 41 international standards and it boasts as a leading player in laser display, ULED, quantum dot display and frequency conversion technology.

A relatively new player in Healthcare Equipment, Hisense is bringing to market the Ultrasound imaging technology developed in- house by its team of R&D engineers featuring 3 models this year. Equipped with an advanced GPU architecture, the range focuses on high-definition image quality and various imaging modes suited to general and specific requirements. With more products under development, Hisense is confident of making quick in-roads in Ultrasound Imaging in the coming years.

The company has also recently unveiled its range of Medical Display Monitors for use in Radiology, Endoscopy, Surgery & large screen Consultation/ OR displays. The new 55” Endoscopy Monitor will feature a Mini LED panel that boasts an amazing 200,000 :1 contrast ratio which is an industry first! Using other picture enhancement technologies developed in-house like Precise Colour Reproduction, Real Time Picture Enhancement & Adaptive Hybrid Gamma display, Hisense is gearing-up to achieve a strong position in medical display monitors.  

Globally, Hisense has been driving tremendous growth. In countries like South Africa, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Slovenia it has been amongst the top-ranking consumer electronics brands.

This year, Hisense is the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022TM.

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