PACE Group announces launch of its 4th Affordable British Curriculum School in U.A.E in the Emirate of Ajman, this academic year (2022/23).

PACE Group announces launch of its 4th Affordable British Curriculum School in U.A.E in the Emirate of Ajman, this academic year (2022/23).


  1. Abdul Latif Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  2. Mohammed Shafi Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  3. Abdulla Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  4. Ameen Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  5. Salman Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  6. Zubair Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  7. Bilal Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  8. Adil Ibrahim, Director PACE Group
  9. Aseef Mohammed, Director, PACE Group
  10. Keith Marsh, Chief Academic Officer, PACE Group
  11. Lawrence, Principal, PACE Creative British School, Ajman

It is suitably located in Al Tallah school zone, behind City Life Mall, Sheikh Ammar Road, next to their renowned Indian curriculum school, DPS Ajman.
PACE Group now have 4 Affordable British curriculum schools including Creative British School, Mussaffah – Abu Dhabi, PACE British School, Muwailah – Sharjah, PACE Modern British School, Rashidiya – Dubai and PACE Creative British School, Al Tallah – Ajman in addition to their well-established Indian curriculum Schools, Gulf Asian English School, Muwailah – Sharjah , India International School, Muwailah – Sharjah, PACE International School, Muwailah – Sharjah and Delhi Private School, Al Tallah – Ajman.

PACE Group- Overview

PACE Group is a network of 19 Educational institutions spread over India, UAE and Kuwait. The Group was established under the leadership of renowned industrialist and educationist Late Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji (May Allah have mercy upon him), The group was founded as PA Educational Trust in the year 1999. To this day PACE remains true to its roots and is dedicated to offering an effective learning environment that encourages excellence and diversity.

PACE Group currently manages 19 Educational institutions catering to over 25,000 students from 55 nationalities, with over 2500 teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The group operates schools for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in British Curriculum as well as CBSE Indian Curriculum. PACE Group is focused on providing World- class Educational facilities to students at an affordable fee structure. It also manages several Higher Education institutions in India, serving to Engineering, Management, Polytechnic, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Arts & Science students. In addition to overseeing the University of West London, UK- Branch Campus at RAK, UAE.

Education is not meant for acquiring knowledge and information alone but translate them into action and activities for the convenience of man and human race as a whole.
– Late Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji Founder Chairman – PACE Group

About PACE Creative British School, Ajman

PACE Creative British School (PCBS) is located in Al Tallah, Ajman on an established site having undergone extensive renovations to create a world class educational environment. PCBS is the 4th British Curriculum school operated by the Group in UAE. PCBS provides Premium British Education with an affordable fee structure in a state of the art campus which can accommodate nearly 3000 students. The school currently offers the EYFS and Primary curriculum for England & Wales and follows the applicable curriculum standards as specified by the UK Government’s Department for Education. The curriculum is delivered within the context of the UAE National Agenda and includes Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Moral Education for both Arabs and Non-Arabs in accordance with federal laws.

The teachers at PCBS are internationally qualified and experienced in their respective specialisms, with extensive knowledge of delivering the UK curriculum. We have a diverse set of skills with a common aim of providing the very best educational experiences befitting the whole community.

The facilities offered at PCBS are of the highest standards providing the finest quality learning environments. The students will gain extensive opportunities to hone their skills using the facilities at the school, such as the Robotics, STEM labs, sports grounds, Swimming pools, innovative learning centres and Creative Activity rooms.

Modern teaching methods are utilised throughout the school to ensure that students can explore, question, reason, analyse and present their arguments to enable them to positively challenge real world problems. PCBS embraces the use of technology in the classroom through more specialized focus areas such as Robotics and STEM based education.

The outdoor environments utilise learner friendly spaces and are key parts of our extended curriculum provision. Disciplines include swimming, football, volleyball, badminton and basketball along with a myriad of indoor games. The sports curriculum aims to foster excellence and develop key life skills such as team work, communication and leadership. Our activities programme will be expanded over the coming term to include other aspects of interest and learning including drama and arts.

Technology Partnership with Hewlett Packard

PCBS has entered into a Technology Partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP), providing complete converged solution to deliver superior teaching and learning experiences. The school has committed itself to ensure that its teachers and students have uninterrupted access to high-definition video content, access to the school’s central learning management portal, and access to the Internet for learning support material and seamless connectivity.

Press Conference – Key Points – 27 Aug 2022
Pace leadership

We focus on the development of the whole child, providing them with a breadth of opportunities and experiences in a caring and nurturing environment which embodies our school beliefs of Learn, Grow and Create.

Our curriculum is modelled on the highest academic standards of the UK National Curriculum whilst encompassing the UAE National Agenda.

At the heart of everything we do care our students with guidance and encouragement, students will develop a range of critical skills including resilience, collaboration, confidence, analysis, the ability to research, evaluate and present effectively whilst developing character and humility.

At PACE CBS we recognise the skills, experiences and characteristics needed for today’s students in tomorrow’s world. Our facilities include a robotics lab, dedicated primary science room all with state of the art IT equipment designed and installed in partnership with Hewlett Packard.

Our school appreciates the importance of health and well being amongst our students, and our breadth of specialised PE classes, mindfulness activities and a focus on developing a healthy lifestyle are an integral part of our daily school routine. Our wide range of ECAs held twice weekly after school by our staff enables students to add a depth and breadth of experiences beyond the designated curriculum.

Our teachers are all internationally qualified, with experience in outstanding UK National Curriculum schools and join PACE CBS with a desire to ensure academic excellence, whilst recognising each individual student has a variety of strengths and abilities.

We are a school that offers a personal service for all our stakeholders: Knowing our children, involving our families and offering our bespoke support service to all of our learners is key to what we do.

As we develop, we will be seeking membership of organisations that enable us to develop and grow our excellence and demonstrate our credentials and quality in terms of what we offer. These include: British Schools Overseas certification, COBIS (Council of British International Schools) membership and membership of and BSME (British Schools in the Middle East).

We are firmly and respectfully rooted in the UAE as our host nation and through our PACE parent organisation. These aspects of our community are ones which we are both proud and honoured to be part of. In the same way that our host nation supports us, we strongly support the UAE and its Vision 2021 by offering the very best educational experience to all our learners regardless of background, ability or aspiration at a sustainably competitive price.

Keith Marsh, Chief Academic Officer, PACE Group

A good education is constructive in nature and promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social wellbeing. It helps the students to improve their status of mind, body and spirit. It provides us with confidence by giving us knowledge in many subject areas.
We know from years of experience that children learn at their own pace, but sometimes the traditional classroom makes it difficult to do so. With the integration of technology in education, children have the ability to slow down and go back over lessons and concepts, and more advanced students can move ahead. It also frees up the teacher to help children on a more one-on-one level.
Having access to other information outside of the traditional textbook gives students many different ways to learn a concept. Teachers can come up with creative ways to teach their students and keep them engaged. Technology has changed the learning environment so that learning is more hands-on. Schools throughout the emirates are diverse in income, and often children don’t always get the resources they need. The implementation of technology in schools helps close that gap.
Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.
At PACE Group, it is our goal to provide the best education for all children, irrespective of ability that we can.
Here at PACE Creative British School, we will be incorporating all the above values into school life. Through
a commitment to engage teachers of the highest quality and provide them with a comprehensive Professional Development Programme, we will work with students, parents and the wider community to fulfil these goals.

Lawrence, Principal, PACE Creative British School,Ajman

At Pace Creative British School in Ajman, we believe that beyond parents, there are few people in a young child’s life who will have a more important impact and influence on their development and wellbeing than teachers. When students experience great teaching, not only do they learn and achieve; they never for get it.

At Pace Creative British School, we will be focused on providing a teaching and learning program that is delivered using current proven pedagogy. The diverse teachers that we have will use English and Arabic languages as a scaffold to develop solid foundational knowledge across the English National Curriculum and MoE subjects.

It is not a coincidence that PACE is linked to the four pillars of effective education provision, namely, Pedagogy, Attainment, Curriculum and Ethos. We look forward to developing a strong community of learners who develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to thrive in today’s diverse global community.

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