Explore Nature the Katuri Way

Explore Nature the Katuri Way

  • Join Mummy Katuri and her four baby chicks as they make new animal friends, feed their curiosity, and grow their imaginations!

7th September 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Katuri Toys will be distributed in the UAE by Jazeel Distribution, the UAE’s leading distributor of toys, collectibles, novelty, apparel, and hobby products.

Katuri is an educational preschool series about four baby chicks growing up in a forest with their mother, Flora’s tender love and care. With a focus on hands-on learning experiences, Flora encourages her chicks to get along with one another and help their peers get out of trouble, as well as to inspire their curiosity and imagination in the adventure.

It first aired on EBS in Korea in 2016 and has since spread to 15 countries and 24 broadcasters.

The unique product range includes a variety of collectible items ranging from five collectible figures of the four children, their mother, and the Magic Little Egg, in which the four children are enclosed in a shell that stands up when opened. The egg can also be used as a rolling ball, Katuri’s Adventure Treehouse, as seen on the show that can be played with Magic Little Egg or Collectible figures and 20 cm Katuri Plushies of the four kids and the mother with her children.

We’re thrilled to be distributing the Katuri toy line in the UAE and we hope that our range of toys will allow young fans to spread their wings and explore worlds they never knew existed,” said Hassan Tamimi, Managing Director of Jazeel Distribution.

The Katuri toy range is set to make its debut at The Little Things Store across major UAE toy retailers on October 1, 2022.

About Katuri: Katuri is a warm, caring show drawing on the inspirations from the original book by Mr. Kwon Jung Saeng who also wrote Puppy Poo and Sister Mongsil which are famous children’s books in Korea. The stories feature Mother Katuri and her four chicklings, who grow up in nature discovering a deeper understanding of the forest valley and the animals that inhabit it. Katuri first aired in Korea on EBS in 2016, since then the series has flourished in 15 countries with 24 broadcasters lining up to share this natural delight with children around the globe. 


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